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What 49ers QB, Colin Kaepernick, Can Teach You About Breaking Into Sports

As I’m watching Super Bowl bound 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick answer Dan Patrick’s question, it reminded me of a very important, but underutilized, career development tactic. This is a simple exercise that anyone pursuing a sports career can easily implement and benefit from. Here’s the quick Q&A: Patrick: “Who was the quarterback you would play…

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The Best Game Plan for Breaking Into Sports

The other day someone told me, “You can’t teach people how to break into sports.” And went on to say, “The idea of following a step-by-step plan to land a job in sports is ridiculous.” Well, a better definition of “ridiculous” is this: Spend thousands of dollars on a college degree, let’s say Sport Management, and…

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Why Positioning Yourself as an Expert Can Help You Break Into Sports

If your number one career goal is to land a job in sports, one of the most important things you can do is position yourself as an expert. However, if you’re just starting out, your work experience will be limited. So be careful about labeling yourself as an expert. Expertise takes years. Decades sometimes. A…

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5 Quick Tips to Help You Overcome the Frustration of Breaking Into Sports

If you’re still trying to land that elusive first job in sports, there’s no doubt you’re feeling some level of frustration. I get lots of emails that express that frustration such as, “I don’t even know where to begin!” Or, “I got an internship, but can’t find a full-time job!” Or, “It doesn’t seem like…

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The Secret to Breaking Into Sports

Want to know the secret to breaking into sports? It’s really not much of a secret. You’ve heard it before. Many times, I’m sure. But this time I want you to do something about it. Are you with me? Good. Below are four (not-so-secret) power moves that will help you get to where you want…

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Why Radical Love for Your Profession Will Help You Break Into Sports

Do you love sports? Of course you do. But who cares? Employers in the sports business industry sure don’t. What sports employers really care about is how much love you have for your profession. Imagine Your Love Coming to Life Imagine if you were so crazy in love with sports marketing that you consumed everything…

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How Your ‘Intro Letter’ Can Kick Open Any Door in Sports — Including Dallas Cowboys’ Owner Jerry Jones’

Several weeks ago I wrote about The 10 Touch-Points of Personal Branding and how it can help you launch your sports career. Touch-Point numero uno is your “Intro Letter.” Today I’m going to show you why your Intro Letter is so important and how you can write one strong enough to kick open any door…

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Why “Beast Mode” is Key to Breaking Into Sports

Why do some people get killer jobs in sports and others are relegated to whatever garbage happens to post online? Sure, some people are lucky because they have an uncle in the sports business. But most of us, like you and me, have to create our own luck if we want to work in sports. And…

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The Truth about Breaking Into Sports

Landing your first job in sports is a huge challenge. The demand for sports jobs is incredibly high. The opportunities are limited. And the competition is fierce. There’s no such thing as “secret strategy” or a “magic bullet.” And there are no shortcuts. But there is an answer… According to SportsBusiness Journal there are 24,000 college students…

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