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Twitter War Breaks Out Between Darrelle Revis, Richard Sherman

Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks has only been in the NFL for two years, but has already established himself as one of the league’s biggest trash talkers. Last month, Sherman took to Twitter for a jab at Darrelle Revis of the New York Jets, who has established himself as an elite cornerback. The two…

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The Top News In #Sportsbiz – 02.11.13 – 02.18.13

Sports Business Goodell’s Compensation Nearly Tripled in 2011 It was revealed this week when the NFL filed the league’s tax return that owners nearly tripled commissioner Roger Goodell’s compensation in 2011, paying him $29.49 million, which likely makes him the highest paid commissioner in sports. While Goodell’s salary paid him $3.12 million in 2011, most…

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Oscar Pistorious In Danger of Losing $4.7 Million in Sponsorships

Oscar Pistorious, a 2012 Olympian known as “Blade Runner” for his prosthetic limbs, is in danger of losing the sponsors that helped propel him to being the highest-paid Paralympic athlete in the world. Pistorious was charged with the murder of his girlfriend, who was shot in his home on Thursday after Pistorious mistook her as…

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15 Worst Contracts in Major League Baseball

Large contracts in sports are almost always risky. As a general manager, you might think you are gaining a valuable asset to help your team win a championship. That’s not always the case however. Grantland’s Jonah Keri assembled a list on the 15 worst contracts in Major League Baseball. Many of these players on the…

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Super Bowl XLVII Sets Live Stream Viewership, Social Media Records

The live streams of Super Bowl XLVII from,, and NFL Mobile from Verizon drew a record number of viewers for a single game sports event in the United States on Sunday as fans turned to new platforms to watch what is being called the most social Super Bowl in history. drew 3…

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