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Salesman Calling!: Where People Answer Their Cell Phones

What’s the strangest thing someone has said to you as they’ve answered a call from you on their cell phone? Sports ticket sales professionals call thousands of prospects a day, and many times we catch people in strange, awkward, or questionable situations. Here are some of the best examples of responses from sales prospects during…

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Top 100 Pieces of Advice for Sports Ticket Sales Reps

1.    Ask yourself, “Why do I want to be in sports ticket sales?”  If it’s because you’ve always wanted to work for a sports team, consider that you may have wanted the job for the wrong reasons. 2.    Be in love with success as much as you are in love with the job.  Don’t take…

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Why Can’t Anyone Remember Your Name?

You’ve done it before. You’re at a networking event, a bar, a neighbor’s apartment, or wherever there are people you’ve not met before.  Someone introduces you to someone else, and instantly their name goes in one ear and out the other.  You struggle to try to get it back, but it’s gone forever. DOH! Why…

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Getting Past Bertha: The Rules of Gatekeeper Engagement in Sales

We all know who Bertha is. She’s the ever-present Gatekeeper… the evil lord of the Decision-Maker’s precious  appointment book, telephone, and front door.  She eats unsuspecting sales reps for breakfast.  She’s been around the block, and knows what you’re up to.  You’re a Salesperson, and as far as she’s concerned, you’re the enemy.  She’s made…

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Why People Want “Deals” and Buy Value

The promise of a “great deal” or a “one-time-only opportunity” is an age-old advertising message that gets everyone’s attention, even in the world of sports tickets.  But is “the deal” what people really want, or is it something else? We’ve all bought a cheap pair of shoes, a shirt, or a bargain electronics item, and…

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The Best Ways to Start a Cold Call

We’re terrified of cold calls.  Can we admit that? There’s nothing that strikes fear in the hearts of men and women quite like the icy grip of the COLD CALL.  Even the name sounds like a bad B-movie: “You never know who’s on the end… of a COLD CALL!” (Cue terrifying shriek, bad music)  “Rated…

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How To Answer, “I Don’t Have Any Budget Left”

As a sports ticket sales rep, you’re used to hearing ridiculous and off-the-wall excuses from your customers as to why they’re not interested. One of the most airtight and hard-to-fight objections, however, is the budget issue. This objection takes several forms. A prospect may say anything like, “It’s not in the budget,” “My budget’s been…

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