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Clay Travis Joins Fox Sports 1 As A Triple Threat

travis-picClay Travis started his career with a Juris Doctor degree from Vanderbuilt University Law.  After deciding law wasn’t the career path he desired, he turned to sports.  Travis made his way through the sports industry by writing for sites such as Deadspin, CBS Sports, and the has-been FanHouse.  He also created multiple sites of his own, including and  Where can you find him now?

Fox Sports 1 adds Clay Travis to its roster

Clay Travis made his name in the sports industry by creating great content while not being afraid to tell the story how he saw it.  There’s not doubt that Travis’ story can be an inspiration to anyone trying to work their way into the sports industry.  From the outside looking in, it can be a daunting task. is a site base on SEC football and other trending sports topics.  The site was founded by Clay who has the grown the blog with the help of the social media revolution.  Today, the site sees anywhere from 500,000 to one-million visitors a month.

Since he put in the time to grow a great following at, Fox Sports decided to use the site as its official college football blog.  Along with being part of FS1’s morning college football show, he will also continue to conduct his two weekly radio shows, one on NBC Sports radio and another based out of Nashville dubbed “3HL”.

Fox Sports 1 takes on ESPN

The “triple threat” comes from the fact that Travis is fully capable of producing content for the web, radio, and television.  This could prove to help FS1 when it launches on August 17th, directly challenging ESPN.  You can read more on Clay Travis and his sports media career here.  Also, watch the video below for a great inside look at how Fox Sports 1 is going to challenge ESPN.  Do you think Fox Sports 1 will be a worth adversary for ESPN?

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2 Responses to Clay Travis Joins Fox Sports 1 As A Triple Threat

  1. Scott Tennant August 13, 2013 at 5:49 pm #

    No fox 1 for me with people like this. I’ll stick with ESPN!

  2. Josh Hoffert August 17, 2013 at 4:45 pm #

    They are supposed to have a lot of great talent actually, including Clay Travis. It’s worth a look if you ask me.

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