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The Overtime Post – The Biggest Loser

Welcome to the second week of the Overtime Post, where we take a light and sarcastic look at the week’s posts and other sports and business news around the world.

Other than my Vancouver Canucks who have won six in a row (and I suppose I have to give the San Fransciso Giants a little bit of props for winning the World Series), it’s been a week filled with losers and I can’t decide who was the biggest loser this week: Kevin Garnett, Charlie Villanueva, Randy Moss, Brad Childress, the Texas Rangers team, or the San Francisco rioters. Your guess is as good as mine.

Onto this week’s posts:


David Barton-Ginger on All Blacks Rugby and Social Media

I admit that I’m not too familiar with the sport of rugby but I know two things: 1. it is an extremely physical sport and only people who have a little bit of crazy play it, and 2. rugby fans are ridiculously passionate about rugby so its of no surprise to me that the All Blacks are one of the most recognizable sports brands on the planet. By the way, if anyone wants to start a #LewisHowesDoingtheHaka hashtag, I’m all for it.

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Playing Within Facebook’s Rules

Most social media guru’s preach the importance of engagement through Twitter and Facebook, but I wonder how many take time to really look at the nitty gritty? While Facebook is a fantastic social tool, there are also plenty of rules to play by. The best players in every sport know the rules of their game inside and out, and Joseph shows you how to use Facebook’s rules to your advantage.

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Demise of the Dallas Cowboys

As a fan of a team who has never won any championships, I can’t feel too sorry for Michelle, but I definitely know how it feels to know when your team sucks. Oops, ‘suck’ is a bit harsh eh? Well, I take it back if they actually do one of the things on Michelle’s list (I like option c).

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Playing Golf Without A Membership

Golf at a pro course, network with golf enthusiasts. have great food, and then go home and tell the wifey that you were out doing charity work? And I’m NOT lying?  Sounds like a plan to me.

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Connect with Tribes Instead of Crowds

The core difference a tribe and a crowd is a sense of purpose. Tribes feel empowered, while crowds all wonder what the guy next to them is doing there. Learning how to connect with a tribe is crucial to any sports organization’s success. We at Sports Networker are proud members of The Third Tribe (Disclosure, Affiliate Link) and if you’re interested in learning more about how to reach out to tribes, that’s a good choice that we personally recommend. Oh, and although not completely related, this post reminded me of these crazy people:

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The Links:

Rioting Occurs After Giants Win World Series

Of course they had to tweet about it, Silicone Valley wouldn’t have it any other way.

Kevin Garnett Calls Charlie Villanueva a ‘Cancer Patient’. Upset CV Tweets About It

In other news around the 5th grade lunch room, little Johnny Wilkenson stole poor Sarah Walker’s lunch. Also, name calling is bad.

Tiger Woods is No Longer the World’s Best Golfer

Lee Westwood has overtaken the now infamous golfer. Tiger was previously number one in the world for 281 straight weeks. If you googled to see who Lee Westwood was, please raise your hands.

Nuns Sell Rare Honus Wagner Baseball Card for $200K

Too many jokes, cant. stop. to. writ


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