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Top 10 Most Followed NBA Teams on Twitter

The 2012-13 NBA season is amongst us and fans, players, coaches and teams themselves are beginning to take to Twitter. The variation in followers across the league goes from teams having less than 100,000 to nearly three million. Let’s take a look at what some of the top accounts do and don’t do well to…

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MLB World Series: Comparing the Teams via Social Media

Finally, we’re here. The World Series. There’s no greater stage in sports, no greater moment than the last out made each season, and no greater battle between the two teams than the one for…social media supremacy! With the last two remaining teams having been decided and the World Series underway, we know how the teams…

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13 Underrated Sports Professionals on Twitter

Lewis asked me to highlight some of the most influential sports business people on Twitter, and I’m all about making Lewis, and more importantly the Sports Networker audience happy. But when I sat down to make that list, all I could think about was BORING! Those people aren’t hard to locate, in fact if they’ve…

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