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The Worst Advice for Sport Management Students

I couldn’t believe what I read today. It may be the worst advice I’ve ever heard for college students in sport managemet about to graduate. This poor advice included: “Early specialization is a huge mistake. Selecting one area to pursue for your career path is ludicrous.” Let me tell you what’s ludicrous: Entitled college students believing…

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Top Five Sports Jobs

If you’ve ever attended a live sporting event, you’ve seen all types of entry-level sports jobs; from ball boy to towel boy to mascot, but there are some sports jobs that require more skill, education, and passion than a dusty ball boy or a sweaty mascot. While these entry-level sports jobs can open the door…

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The Ultimate Sports Business Resources

At Sports Networker, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading resources for covering the latest cutting edge topics in sports business, sponsorship, PR, and social media.

However, this post is not about us, but rather other resources that we have personally found to be useful and informational, in hopes of creating a great list of the ultimate sports business resources. We’re bound to have missed a few, so please let us know your favourites if they aren’t on the list!

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