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Education for Athletes is Still the Key to Financial Security

If you don’t think education for athletes is important, it’s probably time you start paying attention. Sports Illustrated has reported that 78% of former NFL players are bankrupt or near-bankrupt within two years of retirement. In the NBA, that number is 60% within the first five years out of the league. These statistics are disturbing, given…

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Ray Lewis Officially Joins ESPN as NFL Analyst

Just two months after retiring from football, Ray Lewis is back. Except this time, he’s trading in the pads for the suit. On Wednesday, ESPN officially announced that Lewis would join the network as an NFL analyst. The move had been rumored ever since Lewis capped off his career with a Super Bowl win last…

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Social Media In Sports: Ravens Ray Lewis Has A Huge Klout Score

Ray Lewis’ play on the field is coming to an end, as he’s set to retire following Super Bowl XLVII, but his Klout score and social media in sports presence off the field is likely to remain high for quite some time. There’s a lengthy formula to determine your Klout score; the San Francisco-based company uses…

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