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top 100 sports blogs

Top 100 Sports Blogs

An infographic by the team at Rebates zone .

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How To Handle Yourself In The Press Box

High school sports may have the most passionate fans on the planet, and that’s not idle hyperbole; the absolute best advice I can offer new reporters sitting on press row of a state championship basketball game is ‘bring earplugs’. I have never attended any game – not the Final Four, not the NBA – where…

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How Do I Get My Sports Articles Published? From Start to Finish

A number of people ask me every day if it’s difficult to be a sports journalist and my response is usually the same: “It’s not difficult to write a story, it’s difficult to get one published.” Getting your sports articles published can be nerve-wrecking and a real pain in the butt to say the least,…

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How To Get A Job in Sports with Tom Jolly, Former Sports Editor – NY Times

I had the pleasure of interviewing Tom Jolly last week as a part of our ‘How to Get a Job in Sports’ series.  Tom is currently the Associate Managing Editor of the Nightly News at the NY Times.  Previous to this role, Tom was the Sports Editor at the NY Times.  I actually first met…

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