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Creating a Personal Advisory Team

Career decision making is tough business.  One way a lot of people cope with these difficult considerations is by turning to others for advice.  These supporters act as a sort of “kitchen cabinet”, listening to your concerns and giving you their wisdom in return.  In a sense, they constitute your personal board of directors. Everybody’s…

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Top 14 Career Changing Tips in Sports

The average sports worker will change jobs 8 times with at least 3 career changes, contributing to an annual industry turnover rate nearing 65%.  As Sports and Entertainment converge with the new media and expanding sports properties, there is still a critical need for quality senior level executives and specialized professionals.   Follow these top…

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Sports Careers Conference

If you are looking to take your career in sports to the next level, then look no further than the Sports Careers Conference on June 28-30 in Dallas, Texas.  Instead of talking about all of the great things that will go on during the conference, I was able to speak with Mark Tudi, the founder…

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Video Interview: Key Ways To Break Into The Sports World

Even though I may be exactly one foot taller than Mark Tudi, he is a man that stands above us all with the work he has done in the sports industry. With all “height” jokes aside, and thanks to a kind recommendation from a highly respected mutual friend of ours, Mark and I were able…

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