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Grassroots Sports: New Website Aims to Help Development

This article is a guest post from Ash Read In the UK alone there are around two million sports volunteers and an estimated 140,000 amateur sports clubs. These grassroots clubs and organizations often play a massive part in their local communities up and down the country. Whilst many professional sports in the UK are a…

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How Digital Solutions Are Strengthening Grass Roots Sports

You often hear how digital and new media impacts top-level professional sports to generate new revenue streams and reach its growth potential. Over the last few years there has been growth in the monetization of digital media and the likes of the NFL, NBA and MLB are beginning to cash in. Here in Australia, an…

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The Art of Fencing

Fencing is not a widely publicized sport in mainstream media. You’ll never hear ESPN touting the Super Bowl of fencing tournaments. So why do I bring attention to this obscure sport that requires much of the same skill, both mental and physical, as other major sports? My sister Gayle recently visited from Hawaii where she’s…

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Top 4 Ways to Utilize Social Media to Grow Your Fan Base

Over the past four weeks I’ve been writing a short series of articles taking a look at how social media can be utilized to grow a sports team’s fan base, regardless of whether the team already has a large following or is starting from the grassroots level. You can find the posts in this series below….

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