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Sports Ticket Sales: Build it. Sell it. Prove it.

If you want a job in real estate development the best thing you can do for yourself is to pull together some money, buy a dump of a house or building, fix it up yourself then sell or rent it out. It is a learning experience that demonstrates competence and can easily lead to another…

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The Best Route to Getting a Job in Sports

This is a guest post by Dave Fogelson In all likelihood, people aspiring to “work in sports” are over-looking the sporting goods industry, particularly the retail end of the business, as the starting point for a career path. Retail is where people seeking entry-level jobs can find the most opportunities to apply their sports interest…

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Top Five Sports Jobs

If you’ve ever attended a live sporting event, you’ve seen all types of entry-level sports jobs; from ball boy to towel boy to mascot, but there are some sports jobs that require more skill, education, and passion than a dusty ball boy or a sweaty mascot. While these entry-level sports jobs can open the door…

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