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What Benefits Do You Receive As A Feature Columnist?

Home Page Feature

Feature Columnists will receive prominent exposure for their articles on the home page under the “Latest Buzz” section.  Our home page is one of the most highly visited pages on our website.  By featuring your latest articles in this section, you will receive additional exposure for your content.


Advanced Author Bio

As a Feature Columnist, you will receive an upgraded Author Bio that will include interactive tabs to display your social account activity, back-links to your own online properties and a prominent author bio page.


Referral Partner Program

As a Feature Columnist, you will automatically be enrolled in our Referral Partner Program.  This program allows you the opportunity to earn revenue from the articles you write on

But, don’t worry, you don’t have to “sell” for us.  Rather, we will integrate a tracking link on select banners within your articles and in the sidebar of your articles so that we can track any “leads” your articles help generate.  From there, it’s up to us to convert those leads to sales.  And, if we do……you earn a commission!

Here are a couple of  banners that we have created to promote our free and paid ebooks:


For more information on our Referral Partner Program and how you can earn $$$ as a Feature Columnist, visit the Referral Partner Program page.

Ebook Author Credit

As a Feature Columnists, you will be writing articles around a consistent topic (ie. Sports Marketing, Sports Interviews, etc).  Our Editorial Producer will work with you to identify “series” of articles that you can write that we can then turn into downloadable ebooks.

These ebooks will be used to help you capture leads for the Referral Partner Program on the articles you have written on Our team will create these ebooks and, of course, you will receive author credits on the ebook.

Here are a couple examples of ebooks we have produced in the past:


Editorial & Marketing Training

As a Feature Columnist, we will provide you with industry leading training to ensure that your articles are well researched, keyword rich and optimized for search (Google, Bing, Yahoo) and formatted to be easily readable by our viewers .

We will also provide you with training on how to drive massive amounts of traffic to your articles on Sports Networker using an approach we call “Support Marketing”.  Support Marketing involves your participation in spurring conversations in the comments section of your articles, finding conversations online (Forums, Blogs, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, etc) that relate to your content and helping answer questions in the community. The goal of Support Marketing is to ultimately help others by directing them to your articles on where they can find the answers to their questions.

If you have any questions about the Benefits you will receive, please contact our Editorial Producer

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