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SXSW Panel on Sports and Social Media: Need Your Vote!

Sports Networker needs your vote!  We submitted to conduct a panel at SxSW next year to talk about how social media is changing the sports world.  We all know the sports industry is behind the times on using new media, however, it seems as though teams and companies are starting to see the value. In…

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Should Sports Agents Network With Their Competition?

“If you’re an agent, don’t be friends with other agents.”   It should not come as a surprise that the agent who wrote the statement above is one of only a very few in my industry that I do not get along with.  He attempts to steal clients from other companies, talks down on his…

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Sports Networker Event Recap: NYC

The first Sports Networker event took place last week in NYC and seeing that it was nearly 100 people over capacity at the venue, I would say it was a fairly big success. I am still receiving thoughtful emails from attendees who said it was packed full of quality sports professionals and they all received…

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Being a Networking Decathlete

The decathlon is a track and field competition involving 10 events – five on each of two successive days. Performances in the 10 events are scored by reference to a points table. The individual accumulating the highest number of points after the 10 events is declared the winner. The decathlon is a menu of athletic…

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13 Underrated Sports Professionals on Twitter

Lewis asked me to highlight some of the most influential sports business people on Twitter, and I’m all about making Lewis, and more importantly the Sports Networker audience happy. But when I sat down to make that list, all I could think about was BORING! Those people aren’t hard to locate, in fact if they’ve…

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Sports Networker Newsletter: April Edition

This month is full of great videos and articles for the sports industry, and it features the So Cal Action Sports Network founder Bryan Elliott.  If you didn’t receive a copy of the newsletter in your email, no worries, just click here and you can see what you missed.

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The Powerful Lesson of 3:59.4

This article is part of “The Huddle” series by Frank Agin On May 6th, 1954, an unidentified announcer gave the results for the recently completed race in a track and field meet being held at Oxford University. As he uttered “In the one-mile run, with a first place winning time of three-minutes …,” the crowd…

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Super Bowl Weekend Networking and Events

Check out the Big Game VIP Event hosted by Ashton Kutcher with guests like Demi Moore, Tiki and Ronde Barber, Clinton Portis, Santana Moss, Drew Brees, Cole Hamels and Warrick Dunn. Meet up with Leverage Agency and myself on Saturday for lunch.  Full details here. I will also be at the Diamonds and Pearls Pro…

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Networking Tip: Score BIG By Not Keeping Score At All

image by SlinkyDragon This is a guest post for The Huddle series by Frank Agin: Keeping score. It is a natural part of most any athletic competition. In fact, we would be hard pressed to find a sporting event anywhere in the world that does not have some sort of tally system to keep track…

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The Huddle: Why Giving May Be Your Greatest Victory

Do you want to have a strong, productive network? I am talking about a network where opportunities, information and energy seem to continually flow to you.   Is that what you want?  If you do, the secret is to give to those around you. Your response (even if only in your mind) might be, “What? Give!…

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One-On-One with Chris McKinney, Publisher of Sports Career News

Chris McKinney is the president and publisher of Sports Career News, a nationwide, glossy magazine that caters to aspiring sports executives and the companies who want to reach them. He has created a new magazine to help individuals create more opportunities to find a job in the Sports Industry.  Please take a moment to Download…

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5 Ways to Use Twitter: Promote Your Sports Company Or Personal Brand

Image by bluemedia1 This is a guest post by Ryan Stephens Sports companies and brands have traditionally been slow at adopting web 2.0 and social media strategies. This is unfortunate because fans are all over the web having conversations about your brands without you. Joining this space, and potentially becoming a prevalent figure in this…

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