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Feeling Stress While Doing What You Love? Here’s How To Avoid That.

Today I want to share a personal story that happened to me last week. Hopefully it will help you to avoid a very common situation: feeling stress while doing what you love. Yes my friend, this can happen… I will tell you how I realized that and what I have learned from a simple mistake…

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How To Land Your Dream Job In Sports with Brandon Taylor – Red Seven Sports – Sports Agent

One of the many benefit of being a Sports Executives Association member is the access we provide our members to top sports business professionals who are willing to network and help aspiring sports business professionals take their sports career to the next level! Yesterday, we were joined by Brandon Taylor, a Sports Agent with Red…

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5 Keys to Achieving Your Sports Career Goals in 2014

If your number one career goal in 2014 is to land a full-time job in sports, this article was written for you. My name is Chris McKinney and I’ve been helping people with their careers since 1998. Out of all my business experiences, including my “Dream Job” with the Dallas Mavericks, nothing has been more…

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Effective Email Communication: Score Big With This Quick Guide

Imagine a football coach communicating to his team, during the Super Bowl. The coach has no time to lose and needs to be precise and effective in his speech. A Few seconds can change it all if the players understand, with clarity, what they must do to win. It is the same in business communication….

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The One Piece of Advice You Need To Reach Your Full Potential in 2014

Sports and athletes are a great source of inspiration for all of us. In this article I will share some powerful and very effective advice I learned from sports. This advice will help you to reach your full potential in 2014. I have been living it for almost 10 years and it never fails. Powerful Advice…

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Played NCAA Sports? Here’s Five Ways to Make a Career Out Of It

Athleticism and athletic experience help improve a person’s leadership skills and their ability to work within a cohesive unit. Likewise, at the college level, students who participated in NCAA sports may have advantages over other college students. College sports build a personal network, which will become an asset in the professional world. You can find and…

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Why The Sports Industry Internship Deserves A Penalty Flag

If money and sports go hand in hand, why can’t many of the deserving students and young professionals get a paid internship in the sports industry? If you’ve been living under a rock the past few months, the debate surrounding internship compensation is alive and well, with more fuel being added to the proverbial fire…

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This is How You Get a Job in Sports

There are lots of different ways to get a job in sports. But if you have zero contacts, no experience and you’re literally starting from scratch, there’s one sure-fire way to get your foot in the door and ultimately land your first job in sports. That’s what I’m going to share with you today. No…

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Become the #1 fan of your To Do List

Your To Do List is the size of a soccer field. I know, this can be frustrating. But fear not, my friend. You are not alone; and the solution is waiting for you. In only 2 steps, the frustration and overwhelm will be gone. For good. I can hear you saying, “What?!” Stay with me…

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4 Tips For Any Introvert in the Sports Industry

Being an introvert is often considered a problem or “an area of opportunity for development.” This is not true. I found out that it is just a matter of how you balance situations that take a lot of energy from you, and explore new ways of working. After the live Q&A session with Trevor Turnbull…

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5 In Demand Job Postings In The Sports Industry Today

Job postings in the sports industry include some of the most competitive positions in the nation, but also include some of the most rewarding jobs both personally and financially. A big problem with finding the right job posting in sports is the growth numbers in the sports field are not quite as promising as areas…

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Personal Branding and Marketing Yourself To Employers

Ritz Carlton hotels say “Let us Stay with You.” The Four Seasons boasts, “Fifty Hotels. Twenty-Two Countries.  One Philosophy.”  These brand names and their respective branding statements conjure luxury and high-end customer service. What do your personal branding efforts say about you? Do such marketing terms as reliable and efficient come to mind?  What about,…

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