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An Agents Guide To Athletes

In roughly four months, Bob Ruxin and I will be releasing a new book: An Athlete’s Guide to Agents, 5th Edition.  The book will cover everything from NCAA rules and regulations to turning pro early…and it even discusses the agent selection process.  That process is not a one-way street.  The principal is the athlete, who has…

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Interview with Terry Savarise- Senior Vice President of U.S. Cellular Field and The United Center in Chicago

Recently I was able to sit down with Terry Savarise, the Senior Vice-President of both U.S. Cellular Field and the United Center here in Chicago.  With a full slate of major league baseball, the United Center hosting over 220 events a year, and recently developing the Chicago White Sox & Los Angeles Dodgers new spring…

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Singles Score Runs Too!

We have all played baseball at least once in our lives. It may have been just a pick-up game in the street. It may have been at school in gym class. It may have only been tee ball. Whatever the case, we have all played baseball. Let us reflect back to the first time we…

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The Ultimate Headphones for Athletes: Going Wireless!

The new headphones by JayBird are a product sent from the heavens made specifically for athletes.  These headphones do just about everything except workout for you.  They are wireless which means you don’t have to string a chord up the back of your shirt or get it caught in your arm when you are out…

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Stand Tall, Or Bow To A King…What Would You Do?

This is a guest article in “The Huddle” series by Frank Agin: The crowning spectacle of any Olympic Games is the opening ceremonies. No matter what Olympic sport of which you happen to be a fan (or even if you are a fan of no sport at all), this exhibition is captivating, entertaining and inspiring….

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Why Some Make it and Others Don’t: The Journey to the Top

Image by Harpo42   Let me just go out there and say it: Matt D’Orazio is a stud. Yes, that’s right, Matt is a football superstar!  Not only is he an eight year Arena Football League veteran, but he also has won two Arena Bowl Championship games and was the MVP both times.  In fact,…

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The Perfect Pitch: A World Series Champion on Winning and Business Success

Every athlete growing up has dreams of winning the “big game”; hitting a home run in the World Series, making that one-handed touchdown catch in the Super Bowl, or hitting the game winning shot in the NBA Finals.  As most of us will only dream of these moments we are lucky enough to have a…

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Featured Sports Company- Kelly Perdew and is the next generation of online fantasy sports.  This combines a traditional points scoring system with an innovative stock market-style trading to make an exciting fantasy sports game. Currently, Rotohog is partnered with and powering major sports leagues, leading international brands and global media companies.  Receive 50% Off any purchase of Premium Service, Platinum…

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