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Half Court Shot Promotion: A Sports Marketing Opportunity at its Finest

And now Ladies and Gentlemen your attention PLEASE! Sports Networker, yeah who would name their kid that, has the opportunity to win $25,000.00 if he can make this one time shot from half court.  Put your hands together and cheer him on! Sports Networker shoots, it’s up, it’s close, oh boy just off to the…

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NBA brings Black History Month to the Court

From its humble beginnings as Negro History Week in February 1926, the celebration of African American history and culture has grown tremendously to set the tone for the entire month of February since 1976.  Today, the celebration extends beyond academic and sociological settings and has made its way to the basketball court.  With over three-quarters…

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Sports Business

Sports Business: 2K Sports Announces NBA/MLB Combo Pack

2K Sports, a subsidiary of sports business company Take-Two Interactive Software Inc., has announced that the critically acclaimed NBA 2K13 will be paired with the upcoming MLB 2K13 in a combo pack. The combo pack will be available for purchase beginning on March 5, 2013 at participating North American retailers for $79.99, for both the…

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The NBA’s College team: The Indiana Pacers

Fanatics are Alive and Well in the NBA I feel that a lot of my friends who don’t watch the NBA like to give it a lot of flack.  The common misconceptions that I hear range from “They don’t play defense in the regular season” to “The fans are boring” to “They are just all…

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Growth in Sponsorship Opportunities for Women’s Sports

In June 2012, ESPN3 issued a press release announcing the launch of espnW, a channel dedicated to exclusively airing live women’s sporting events.  Seeing a rise in the demand for women’s sports among viewers, the network compiled a programming lineup that included popular women’s sports such as basketball, soccer, tennis, golf and the X Games. …

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Sports Business: A Naive Vision of Data

Guest article by Oscar Ugaz. His view that an important part of the future will be in the hands of mathematicians and statisticians. And the reaction it received from more traditionally placed ‘experts’. Connect with Oscar on Linkedin and follow on Twitter. A few weeks ago, I was invited to participate in a round table…

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5 NBA Teams to Follow on Google+

We’ve already covered Facebook and Twitter as we highlight the NBA on social media and which teams are dominating social media. We now move over to Google+ where some franchises are utilizing the growing social networking site. Some of these you’d expect based on geographical location and demographic, but other medium market teams are really…

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4 Highly Talked About NBA Teams on Facebook

Whether you like it or not, social media is one of the most accurate ways to gauge what people are interested in. It doesn’t mean people always post the most accurate opinions, but at least you can see what they’re interested in. This is even more true when it comes to sports. Just hop on Facebook…

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Top 10 Most Followed NBA Teams on Twitter

The 2012-13 NBA season is amongst us and fans, players, coaches and teams themselves are beginning to take to Twitter. The variation in followers across the league goes from teams having less than 100,000 to nearly three million. Let’s take a look at what some of the top accounts do and don’t do well to…

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Brooklyn Nets Amping Up Social Media In Sports Presence For 2012-13

With the 2012-13 NBA season just underway, the excitement surrounding the Brooklyn Nets is ever present on social media. The Nets’ digital team’s commitment to branding the team through social media in sports has increased exponentially since the end of last season. Since the spring, the Nets have grown their Twitter followers from 93,000 to 1630,00 while they’ve…

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The Future of Olympic Basketball Pros and Cons

Is this the last time we will see a USA “Dream Team” in the Olympics? As the USA Men’s Basketball team continues its quest for the Gold Medal (at my time of writing this they were scooting into a semi finals matchup with Manu, Scola, and the gang) WIN or LOSE one thing is for…

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Top 7 NBA Player Twitter Accounts During Olympics

Note – The following list is not based on who has more number of followers and who doesn’t but is based on who has more tweets apt to the Olympic events and who tweets more often. It is also based on whose tweets are of most recent events and whose aren’t. Also, only verified Twitter…

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