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Sports Job Interview with the Managing Director of the Sports Business Entertainment Network – Beth Grupsmith (VIDEO)

Beth Grupsmith has been Managing Director of the Sports Business Education Network (SBEN) since it’s inception in September 2012. Created and funded by the McCormack Foundation, this non-profit organization carries on the tradition of Mark H. McCormack of connecting the sports industry and the classroom. SBEN works with companies, universities and associations in the sports…

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Pat DeCola Discusses How He Landed a Job With NASCAR (VIDEO)

Meet Pat DeCola.  Some of you might recognize him as he has contributed articles in the past here on Sports Networker (check out some of Pat’s past contributions here: Pat attended Saint Joseph’s College of Maine in Standish, Maine, and graduated with a B.A. in Communications in 2009.  He previously worked as a sports columnist for Fox Sports…

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Sports Job Interview with Terry Reynolds, Senior Director of Pro & Global Scouting – Cincinnati Reds

For my first interview of 2013, I was lucky to have been able to interview Terry Reynolds, Senior Director of Professional and Global Scouting for the Cincinnati Reds. Unlike most of the interviews I have done so far, Terry resides in the scouting department of a Major League Baseball team, and shares a lot of…

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LIVE Q&A with MSBA Founder – Ben Sturner (PREVIEW VIDEO)

Members of the Sports Executives Association were treated to a LIVE Q&A yesterday with Ben Sturner – CEO & Founder of Leverage Agency and the Manhattan Sports Business Academy. During the 1 hour LIVE Q&A with Ben we discussed how he got involved in sports, his vast experience in sports sponsorship, how he started Leverage…

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Landing your Dream Job in Major League Baseball: The Winter Meetings

As Lewis Howes explained in his book, , networking on LinkedIn is very similar to networking in person. It’s based around creating relationships with others that allow them to sincerely feel like they 1) know you, 2) like you, and 3) trust you. Since the MLB Winter Meetings are known to be a prime networking location…

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What Does Hockey Legend Bernie Nicholls Do During An NHL Lockout?

If you are like me, a Canadian kid who grew up dreaming of winning the Stanley Cup, you have envisioned what you would do if you had your 1 day with the most prized trophy in sports. After an astounding playing career, NHL Legend – Bernie Nicholls finally had his day when he won the…

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Sports Job Interview with Howard Roseman, Philadelphia Eagles GM

In the latest edition of my interview series, I was incredibly lucky to have been able to interview Howie Roseman, General Manager of the Philadelphia Eagles. Before becoming the youngest GM in the National Football League, Howie earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Florida, followed by earning his law degree at Fordham Law….

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Meet Joshua Lagan: Rising Star in #Sportsbiz

Meet Joshua Lagan. Joshua is a regular contributor on where he interviews top sports executives in an effort to help others learn from their experience. He has also been able to benefit from the experience by expanding his own network and building relationships with some of the most powerful executives in sports. Joshua Lagan…

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Sports Job Interview with the President of ESPN Inc. and Co-Chairman of Disney Media Networks – John Skipper (VIDEO)

John Skipper began as President of ESPN on January 1st 2012 with enormous shoes to fill from his predecessor, George Bodenheimer. However, Skipper has been up to the task as ESPN has only continued to grow. Skipper has been with ESPN for 14 years, starting in 1997 as senior vice president and general manager of…

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MSG-Sports Entertainment

Jobs In Sports Entertainment: How To Land Your Dream Job In Sports

The sports and entertainment worlds are quickly converging into a well-popularized industry that has become one of the most sought after niches in sports. Underneath the glitz and glam of jobs in sports entertainment, though, there’s an underlying business world. Whether you want to be the next Jerry Maguire, work in Event Production at the…

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Jobs In Sports And Recreation: How To Land Your Dream Job In Sports

What’s that common phrase about loving what you do for a living? Something like, ‘Love what you do, and you’ll never work a day in your life?’ That seems to be especially true with jobs in sports and recreation. With this particular field within the sports industry, you could find yourself constantly working outside as…

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Sports Job Interview with Houston Texans President – Jamey Rootes

In the 6th edition of my interview series, I was able to interview Jamey Rootes, team President of the Houston Texans and former President of the Columbus Crew. Having been named to Sports Business Journal’s “40 under 40” twice, it was instantly clear how well-regarded Jamey is. After earning his undergraduate degree at Clemson University…

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