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sports and social media marketing book

Social Media Marketing Book Review – Resonate: Sports Marketing Strategies That Drive Results

Here at Sports Networker our goal will always be to support your goals of finding a job in sports. We probably use the term “dream job” too often, but I really do believe it is a dream to get paid to do something you love every day. Our mission is to make that dream a…

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Top 5 Most Engaging Athletes on Twitter and Instagram

Social media allows engaging athletes to stay connected to their fans and give insight into their personal lives, training regimens and charity work. It’s no surprise that many athletes have taken well to many social media sites. This past year was quite a period of memories for many athletes. The use of Instagram amongst athletes…

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Facebook Buys SportStream, Continues Competition With Twitter

For a while people have been “watching” games or other major events via Twitter. Facebook wants a piece of the real-time chatter going on. Now they’re going to try their hand during events like the Super bowl. “A spirited conversation about sports is happening on Facebook both in real-time and over the water cooler the…

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2016 Rio Olympics Looking For Big Sponsor Score

The 2016 Olympics are, amazingly, around 1,000 days away.  The 2014 FIFA World Cup is even closer. With these two global events being held by Rio within a span of two years, some experts are saying the country of Brazil is in over its head. Violent street protests are raging because of Brazil’s poor schools, shabby…

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Marketing at the Concession Stand

Athletes love to eat, right? I wrote a  on Hot Dogs so I am truly honored and excited to write an article on the marketing of athletes at concession stands and the possibilities that sports brands have to now combine their lovable athletes with something they truly would like to market: FOOD! With the Pittsburgh Steelers launching…

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Groupon Becomes Official Deal Site of Major League Baseball

Groupon and Major League Baseball have come to terms to make the online coupon distributor the league’s official deal site. Groupon used the 2012 season to test the market, using promotions throughout the year. The multi-year deal will extend through the 2014 season and could potentially include all 30 MLB teams. Under the agreement, Groupon…

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Interview with Seattle Mariners Director of Marketing – Gregg Greene

Guest post submitted by Matt Crevin. Gregg Greene is the Director of Marketing for the Seattle Mariners.  In this interview he talks in detail about: What happens in his department His keys to success Tips on how to break in to the sports industry. Gregg Greene Mariners from Matt Crevin on Vimeo. About The Author Matt…

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The Psychology Of Social Sports Fans: What Makes Them So Crazy?

From Longyearbyen to Ushuaia the world is filled with fans. They are the lifeblood of professional sports and the only reason why anybody in the industry receives a check. According to a recent A.T. Kearney study today’s global sports industry is worth between €350 billion and €450 billion ($480-$620 billion). In an industry of this size and scope connecting to and…

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Digital Advantage to the Australian Open

The Australian Open Grand Slam tennis tournament, which has reached half way stage as I write this,  has built on the progress of previous years to establish a strong, recognizable and credible online brand. According to Sam Laird, in a recent post on the US website Mashable, the Australian Open ‘may just be the most…

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How to Become a Social Media Spy

Being a social media marketer is like being a covert spy on a mission. On most missions a spy is pursuing a target and has a cover ID. To gain the target’s trust the agent sits back, listens, and studies the target for the perfect opportunity to engage them. By being patient and studying their…

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Social Media Marketing and Over-Saturation: When is Enough Enough?

Recently I went to China to play beach volleyball. While I was there I noticed the Chinese approach to marketing clothes, products, and services was very aggressive — products and services were constantly ‘in your face’.  The supermarkets in particular were particularly fascinating – aisles upon aisles of products and signage,consumers hit with marketing messages…

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From Social Media to Traditional Marketing, Coke Maintains its Fizz

Sports marketing strategies are becoming increasingly sophisticated. The days of corporations walking away satisfied after paying millions of dollars to display their logo on a team jersey are long gone.  Savvy marketers know that you to have go where the eyeballs are. Whether it be social media, digital marketing or the more traditional channels, you…

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