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Top 7 NBA Player Twitter Accounts During Olympics

Note – The following list is not based on who has more number of followers and who doesn’t but is based on who has more tweets apt to the Olympic events and who tweets more often. It is also based on whose tweets are of most recent events and whose aren’t. Also, only verified Twitter accounts are included. The list is as follows:

Top 7 NBA Player Twitter Accounts During Olympics

1. James Harden

James harden is one of the very active players of Oklahoma City Thunder and also a huge favorite of the Thunder fans. Things are not very different on Twitter. He is a very active Tweeter and a fan favorite on the social media giant. His tweets are as recent as possible and one can easily trace the happenings in the behind-the-scene Olympic happenings by following his twitter account. He will not only keep you updated on the Olympics, but will also keep you updated about the day to day happenings in his life.

 2. LeBron James

Lebron James, a.k.a King James, lives up to his name and shows that he is a king in the true sense of the word. With the highest number of followers, regular and recent tweets are about everything. James is also a bigger user of photos on his account. He has tweeted about all the events of the Olympics well in time and hence, he keeps his followers updated about both himself as well as the events going on in the Olympics.

3. Kevin Love

Love is smart with his tweets, never wasting a character. He also entertains a huge list of followers, despite playing for a small market team like the Minnesota Timberwolves. Love keeps his followers entertained with funny photos and daily musings. He has a decent score line and statistics to his name, both on court as well as on twitter.

4. Chris Paul

One of the reasons why his account ranks really high is the fact that his tweets are very creative and open ended. His twitter account is updated every few hours with tweets about himself as well as his teammates. Thus, for the followers and fans of team USA, his is the account to follow.His account is sure to give you all the updates of the team of USA.

 5. Deron Williams

He is a point guard with the Brooklyn nets and his life seems to be surrounded more by his family members than by anything else. He gives you updates about his life and whatever is happening with the Olympics as well. It is a must to follow William’s twitter account if you are a fan of his. He, however, would not give you much know how of what is been happening at the Olympics. It is a good idea to follow his account only if you do not mind some updates of his life as well as a few updates of Olympics coming in randomly.

6. Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony is a part of the New York Knicks team, as of now, and is formerly a member of the Denver Nuggets. Not a bad performer on and off the court, Anthony is one of the more popular players in the NBA. He is, however, a very modest player and a very modest tweeter as well. His tweets are very casual and tell you about what’s up with him and his life subsequently telling you about what’s up with team USA in the Olympics. Thus, his is also one of the best accounts to follow in the Olympics 2012.

 7. Kevin Durant

A relatively huge number of followers and tweets about everything that is happening in the Olympics whether or not it is related to basket ball and the dream team. Like everything else in his life, his twitter account is also well worked out for him and he updates it on an almost regular basis.


P.S-Kobe Bryant does not have a twitter account in case you are scrolling and re-scrolling the list. Please comment below with any additions you think would be good for this list!

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