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Essential Sports Apps for NBA Fans

The NBA is surely evolving as the years pass. We see the game being played a differently than the previous decades. Together with this evolution, we’ve experienced a drastic change in the way the NBA and sports in general are covered by media, reporters and analysts. With the evolution of technology and thanks to the…

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Your Social Media Guide to the NBA Finals

On Thursday, the 2013 NBA Finals kicked off, featuring the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat. Miami is looking for their second consecutive championship, while the Spurs will try and win their first title of the decade after winning three championships in the previous decade. As expected, social media was buzzing about Game 1 on…

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Atlanta Hawks Could Make Sports History

After being ousted by the Indiana Pacers in round one of the NBA playoffs earlier this month, the Atlanta Hawks decided they needed an upgrade over coach Larry Drew. GM Danny Ferry and the Hawks are targeting coaches with NBA experience such as Stan Van Gundy and Nate McMillan, but they may go outside of…

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NBA Playoffs Go Social

There are more than 200 million people who follow the NBA, an NBA team, or an NBA player on social media. That’s more than Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League and surprisingly for some, the National Football League. In fact, LeBron James, who leads all active NBA players with 22 million followers, has a bigger…

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NBA Playoff Elimination: What to do Now??

Let’s not sit around and cry about it! I understand it’s their profession, they care deeply about it.  But once you get eliminated from the NBA playoffs you can’t just sit around and sulk.  You have to get back up and make your fans care about you still and your team relevant during the rest…

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Jason Collins Breaks the Silence

Good for Jason Collins. It’s not easy to do what the man just did, taking a personal decision and deciding to go very public with his sexuality. Hopefully his announcement will convince others to follow suit, while promoting tolerance amongst male athletes in the ‘Big 4’ sports here in the United States. Unfortunately, this isn’t…

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Would the Kings be a Better Fit in Sacramento or Seattle?

So now that the NBA’s relocation committee has recommended rejecting the move of the Sacramento Kings, the NBA owners are expected to follow along with this decision and place their votes in two weeks, keeping the 23 year tenured romance alive and well for now, for the good fans of Sacramento. However, multitudes of sports fans…

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Five Great Moves Jay-Z Made as Nets Owner

In what is probably the worst kept secret in the sports business, Jay-Z is selling his stake in the Brooklyn Nets so he can become a full-time sports agent.   Jay-Z is not the first entertainer to own a piece of a sports franchise, nor is he the first rapper to become an agent, but based…

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Acuvue, Dwight Howard and Sports Media

Dwight Howard is one of the most recognizable faces in basketball. He’s had his fair share of good and bad moments in his career, but one thing Howard is known for is his media image. Howard frequently works on expanding his image through multiple sources and the superstar is back at it once again with…

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Sports Marketing: NCAA March Madness

March Madness has spilled over into April and we’re down to the Final Four. Wichita State – who came into the tournament as a number nine seed – is shocking the college hoops world and are set to take on tournament favorite Louisville. Michigan  – who came from behind late in the game against Kansas…

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Marketability of Miami Heat Now That the Streak is Over

What happened to the bad guys?! The Miami Heat have lost.  27 W’s in a row, though.  The 2nd longest regular season winning streak of all time.  It doesn’t mean anything unless they win the title (which they will) but it sure would be a nice sidenote to this season to go along with the…

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Using March Madness For Marketing And Promotions

Guest post by Jenna Smith Sports marketing is one of the most successful ways to bring in business and capture a casual passerby’s eye. You need only look at how popular and anticipated the commercials for The Big Game (that football one that people go crazy over but we can’t say the name of because…

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