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Ivy Sports Symposium 2013 – My Experience

After a wet and chilly walk through Harvard Yard, I finally found Wasserstein Hall and the Ivy Sports Symposium. Thanks to winning a spot as a member of Sports Networker’s Sports Executives Association, I was able to attend the 8th annual Symposium, which was hosted by Harvard this year. It was this awesome Ivy League…

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Rising Stars In Sportsbiz In 2014

We asked you to tell us on Facebook who you thought was destined for greatness in the Business of Sports (Sportsbiz) heading into 2014. The responses we received varied from current students to young professionals currently working in sports. And, even though we know that this is not an exhaustive list, these are some of…

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The Top News in #Sportsbiz – 08.26.13 – 09.02.13

Top news in the #sportsbiz this week includes Wayin helping the St. Louis Rams connect with fans.  Other news includes “The Meeting 9” offering action sports networking, ESPN facing anti-bundling questions, the NFL pressuring ESPN to back out of the “Frontline” documentary and AT&T promoting and protecting its sponsorship deals.  Read on to get your…

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The Top News in #Sportsbiz – 08.12.13 – 08.19.13

The top news in #sportsbiz this week includes a major move for Arizona State University, as they begin to offer a sports business degree program.  Sports networking site is growing as evidenced by Brown University joining the site.  Other top news includes Fox Sports 1 hitting its projected 90 million homes, Wells Fargo sponsors…

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10 NEXT Hosted By Ivy Sports Symposium And Sports Pro

The 10 NEXT is an annual award honoring the future generation of sports industry leaders from around the world who will shape the business in the coming decades. The award is given to 10 business executives under the age of 30 who are making major waves in the sports industry.  The Ivy Sports Symposium and SportsPro…

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Toss Away the “Could Haves” and “Should Haves” Day

Today is Toss Away the “Could Haves” and “Should Haves” Day, and it’s time that you make 2013 the biggest year of your career. Ways you should be using LinkedIn to build your network and get that dream job in sports! Remember that networking event you went to last month? How many of those contacts…

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World Handshake Day: Shaking Hands After Games

The handshake is usually a representation of an agreement, peace or welcome within society and culture of the United States. We frequently see the handshake before and after political debates, introduction to a podium or a new person, and the common formality during athletic competitions as an expression of good sportsmanship. The origin of the…

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How To Land Your Dream Job In Sports with Chris Chaney, Ivy Sports Symposium – Founder

One of the many benefit of being a Sports Executives Association member is the access we provide our members to top sports business professionals are willing to share their story, experiences and advice with aspiring sports business professionals to help them land a job in sports. Yesterday, we were joined by Chris Chaney, Founder of…

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NCAA to Provide Sports Networking Event in Indy

Have you ever wanted to work for the NCAA, potentially for a Division I, II, or III school? Have you been trying everything in your power to make the right network connections to accomplish this? Well, the NCAA is here to help you and will provide education on career development and potential career opportunities for…

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Who Will Be The Next Sports Executives Association LIVE Q&A Co-Host?

Are you pursuing a career in sports media, broadcasting or journalism? Do you dream of becoming the next on-air talent like Tracy Wolfson interviewing college football coaches on CBS? Or maybe you want to be Jim Nantz and Verne Lundquist calling NCAA Tournaments games? Or how about Craig Sager strolling NBA sidelines interviewing the likes of…

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The Top News In #Sportsbiz – 03.25.13 – 04.01.13

Sports Business Justin Verlander Becomes Highest Paid Pitcher In Baseball Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Justin Verlander signed a record $180 million contract on Friday making him the highest paid pitcher in the history of baseball. Just two months ago, Felix Hernandez of the Seattle Mariners had signed a seven-year contract worth $175 million, the richest contract for…

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The Top News In #Sportsbiz – 03.18.13 – 03.25.13

Sports Business Fox Sports Buys Rights to New ‘Big East’ It was announced earlier this month that the Big East division would become a newly named division and have teams break away from it. For the time-being the media is calling it the old Big East. The new Big East division will feature  the ‘Catholic…

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