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Articles Wanted

For a list of the latest articles wanted, scroll down on this page.

If you would like to write one of the articles listed below as a Guest Author, just go ahead and do so, and submit it using the Submit Guest Post form.

Make sure to review our Article Guidelines to ensure you understand our article requirements, article types, styles and formats and the qualities of a good article.

Sports Networker – PILLAR TOPICS

These are the primary Categories that we focus on here at Sports Networker. All articles submitted should address these issues and the sub-topics they may include.  The more specific you are to our primary Categories, the more likely it is your article will be published.

  1. Social Media In Sports
  2. Sports Business
  3. Sports Events
  4. Sports Jobs
  5. Sports Marketing
  6. Sports Media
  7. Sports Networking
  8. Sports Sales
  9. Sports Sponsorship
  10. Sports Technology


These are the Related Categories that our readers are interested in. If you would like to write about these topics, please feel free to submit them to us. Keep in mind that our content typically revolves around the “business” side of sports.

  1. Facebook (Social Media In Sports)
  2. Twitter (Social Media In Sports)
  3. YouTube (Social Media In Sports)
  4. Google+ (Social Media In Sports)
  5. Pinterest (Social Media In Sports)
  6. Geolocation (Social Media In Sports)
  7. Sports Law (Sports Business)
  8. Sports Contracts (Sports Business)
  9. Sports Agents (Sports Business)
  10. Sports Administration (Sports Business)
  11. Sports Finance (Sports Business)
  12. Sports Management (Sports Business)
  13. Sports Partnerships (Sports Business)
  14. Sports Medicine (Sports Business)
  15. Sports Psychology (Sports Business)
  16. Women in Sports (Sports Business)
  17. Sports Internships (Sports Jobs)
  18. Sports Careers (Sports Jobs)
  19. Sports MBA Programs (Sports Jobs)
  20. How To Land A Job In Sports (Sports Jobs)
  21. Sports Job Search (Sports Jobs)
  22. Sports Recruiting (Sports Jobs)
  23. Goal Setting (Sports Jobs)
  24. Cover Letters (Sports Jobs)
  25. Resume Writing (Sports Jobs)
  26. References (Sports Jobs)
  27. Interview Skills (Sports Jobs)
  28. Customer Relationship Management (Sports Marketing)
  29. Sports Advertising (Sports Marketing)
  30. Sports Fan Development (Sports Marketing)
  31. Sports Digital Media (Sports Marketing)
  32. Sports Entertainment (Sports Marketing)
  33. Sports Event Marketing (Sports Marketing)
  34. Sports Public Relations (Sports Media)
  35. Sports Communications (Sports Media)
  36. Sports Broadcasting (Sports Media)
  37. Sports Writing (Sports Media)
  38. Sports Journalism (Sports Media)
  39. Sports Blogging (Sports Media)
  40. Sports Tweetups (Sports Networking)
  41. Sports Networking Events (Sports Networking)
  42. Sports Conferences (Sports Networking)
  43. Personal Branding (Sports Networking)
  44. Social Networking (Sports Networking)
  45. Sports Team Sponsorship (Sports Sponsorship)
  46. Sports Stadium Sponsorship (Sports Sponsorship)
  47. Sports Event Sponsorship (Sports Sponsorship)
  48. Professional Athlete Sponsorship (Sports Sponsorship)
  49. Amateur Athlete Sponsorship (Sports Sponsorship)
  50. Sports Apps (Sports Technology)
  51. Sports Websites (Sports Technology)
  52. Sports Mobile Websites (Sports Technology)
  53. Sports Tablet Websites (Sports Technology)
  54. Sports Suite Sales (Sports Ticket Sales)
  55. Sports Corporate Sales (Sports Ticket Sales)
  56. Sports Event Sales (Sports Ticket Sales)

List of Articles Queued for Production

This is a list of Articles we currently want written. If you see something here that you would like to write, you can Submit a Guest Post

Please make sure you read our Article Guidelines so that you understand the quality we expect, article requirements, article types, styles and formats and the qualities of a good article.

**NOTE:  These article titles are intended to inform our authors of the topics we would like articles written on. But, of course, we are open to your ideas and invite you to suggest an article that you’d like to write.  Please refer to the PILLAR TOPICS and PILLAR RELATED TOPICS listed above to ensure  your article topic is relevant to our target audience.


Social Media In Sports







Australian Football

English Premier League

NCAA Division 1 Football

Professional Athletes

  1. X Most Engaging Professional Athletes On Twitter
  2. X Most Engaging Professional Athletes On Facebook
  3. X Most Engaging Professional Athletes On YouTube

Sports Business

  1. How To Be An MLB General Manager
  2. How To Become A Sports Agent
  3. Top X Sports Agents In MLB
  4. Top X Sports Agents In The NBA
  5. Top X Sports Agents In The NHL
  6. Top X Sports Agents In The NFL

Sports Jobs

  1. Top X Books To Help You Land A Job In Sports
  2. Top X Sports MBA Programs In The United States
  3. X Tips To Land A Job In Sports Sponsorship
  4. X Tips To Land A Job In Sports Marketing
  5. X Tips To Land A Job In Sports Sales
  6. Top X Most Influential Women In Sports

Sports Marketing

  1. Sports Marketing 101
  2. How to Get a Job in Sports Marketing
  3. Sports Marketing Strategies

Sports Media

  1. Sports Media 101
  2. Sports Media: How Live-Tweeting Actually Works
  3. Sports Media: How to Handle Yourself in the Press Box
  4. Sports Media: Understanding Press Box Etiquette

Sports Sponsorship

  1. Sports Sponsorship 101
  2. Tools Need to Dominate Sports Sponsorship
  3. How To Build A Sports Sponsorship Kit

Sports Networking

  1. Top 5 Sports Marketing Conferences To Attend
  2. Top 5 Sports Sponsorship Conferences
  3. Top 5 Sports Sales Conferences
  4. X Sports Networking Events You Must Attend
  5. X Things You Should Do At A Sports Networking Event
  6. X Things You Should Never Do At  Sports Networking Events

Sports Technology

  1. Top X Sports Apps For The Ultimate Sports Fan
  2. Top X Sports Apps For iPhone
  3. Top X Sports Apps for iPad
  4. Top X Sports Apps for Blackberry
  5. Top X Sports Apps for Android
  6. Top X Sports Team Websites
  7. Top X Websites To Help You Land A Job In Sports
  8. X Essential Sports Apps For NFL Fans
  9. X Essential Sports Apps For NHL Fans
  10. X Essential Sports Apps For NBA Fans
  11. X Essential Sports Apps For MLB Fans

Sports Ticket Sales

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