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Kathryn Smith becomes a role model for women

My weekends often erupt in loud conversations around the television as my buddies and I argue about sports. Typically the conversations will surround our teams, who got “jobbed,” rooting interests, and who is better among our favorite athletes. One of our recent debates started during the NFC Championship Game. It started with friends on either…

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gender equality is coming

Gender Equality in Sports – Is It Coming?

Beyond gender, what difference exists between male and female sporting events? I’m a sports fan. I love watching a good contest. Both genders play team ball, need good coaching, and want fan support. Winning championships is the goal, regardless of sport or player. Either sex can have good and bad games. Each, as individuals or…

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PepsiCo’s CEO Indra Nooyi Explains How Companies Can Better Market To Women

At the inaugural Game Changers conference, held by Sports Business Journal, marketers gained some valuable information on how to use sports to market to women.  PepsiCo Chairwoman and CEO Indra Nooyi gave insight on the need for marketers to reach out to women who love sports. PepsiCo gives some insight While speaking at the event,…

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Billie Jean King

Women’s Equality Day: Empowering Women Through Sports

On August 18th, 1920, Congress signed into law the 19th Constitutional Amendment granting women the right to vote. 51 years later in 1971, August 26th was designated as Women’s Equality Day, an opportunity to reflect on and celebrate the great strides American women have made, becoming leaders in a historically male-dominated society. Women’s Equality Day and…

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Females Leading the Front Office? It Is TIME!

Over 350 colleges across the United States offer an accredited sports management program, and you had best believe that a significant portion of those students are female. These young women are just as committed to sports administration as their male counterparts, and they are just as qualified for careers in sports. There are many areas…

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sports media

Around the Clock Sports Media Coverage for Women

Females are rarely seen in televised sports competitions. The exceptions being the Olympic Games and a few once-a-year major championships in the LPGA or WTA. It is next to impossible to find a female event in other big name sports such as lacrosse, softball, basketball or others and this is a shame. Although some female…

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Top 10 Most Inspirational Women in Sports

In 1999, Cameron Diaz played the role of Christina Pagniacci in Any Given Sunday, a dramatic film that dug into the depths of the dark side of professional football.  In arguably one of her most prolific roles ever, the actress played the role of the only daughter and heir to the recently deceased owner of…

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Top Ten Most Influential Women in Sports

What qualifies a woman as influential in the sports world? Is it her athletic ability, verbal skills, looks or her ability to lead into new frontiers? Does influence require years of training, bold new ideas or both? Below you will find our opinion of the top ten most influential women in sports. Women in Sports…

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Women In Sports At The espnW Women + Sports Summit (VIDEO)

After moving from Vancouver, BC to Eugene, Oregon to pursue my MBA at the University of Oregon’s prestigious Warsaw Sports Marketing Center, I was invited to attend the 2011 Women + Sports Summit held Sept.26-28 in Tucson, Arizona. The purpose of the summit was to provide a forum for working together on the future of…

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Tia Norfleet, Driving Toward Nascar Debut

When you think of racecar drivers, what comes to mind? Men, mostly. And then along comes a female…but not just any female. Tia Norfleet is the first and only African-American female racecar driver to be licensed with NASCAR. That sets her apart as does her stunning beauty and racy figure which brings racecar driving apparel…

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Interview With Katrina Chambers, Founder of Tomboi, a Magazine for Women Who Love Sports

  Every once in awhile, I come across a sports resource so innovative and dynamic, I just have to share it with the sportsnetworker readers. Katrina was referred to me by Jacinta Fisher, wife of retired NFL linebacker Levar Fisher, and when I saw Katrina’s website, Tomboi, I had to let you know about it….

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Women’s Professional Football: Interview with Team Owner Carley Pesente

I’ve previously written about women’s pro football but thanks to social media, I got the chance to interview Carley Pesente, owner of Northeastern Nitro Women’s Professional Football Team in the Women’s Football Alliance. Carley is also a linebacker for the Nitro and has been playing women’s tackle football for 13 years. She is also a…

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