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Post-Career Athletes and Money: How Athletes Can Protect Themselves from Financial Ruin

We’ve all heard the grim statistics about broke post-career athletes – 78% of retired NFL players are broke or experiencing severe financial stress after just two years. The NBA isn’t much better with an estimated 60% broke within five years. Most athletes, when they’re just starting their sports career, say that fame and fortune will…

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Tia Norfleet, Driving Toward Nascar Debut

When you think of racecar drivers, what comes to mind? Men, mostly. And then along comes a female…but not just any female. Tia Norfleet is the first and only African-American female racecar driver to be licensed with NASCAR. That sets her apart as does her stunning beauty and racy figure which brings racecar driving apparel…

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Interview with Phil Parker, Author of The Athlete’s Bible – Superman All The Time Version

Phil Parker has been a Head Coach in the PAC Ten and Big Ten Conferences, and in the California Community College System, coaching wrestling, a sport he excelled in atIowaStateUniversity. After being widely recruited out of high school, Parker went on to become a three-time All-American, and member of three national championship teams as a…

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Interview with Nu Image Protection Security Services

You would think a 250+ lb. athlete wouldn’t need protection of any kind. You would think they could pulverize any person with one punch and maybe that is true to a certain extent. However, they have other things on their minds…things like playbooks, training, and game strategies. They don’t have time to think about stalkers…

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Interview with Ranier Rackley – How the Lockout is Affecting Undrafted Free Agents

I met with Ranier this past weekend in Durham,NC, and within five minutes I knew he had maturity well beyond his 24 years. Standing at 6’ and 200 lbs., Ranier has the heart and passion that will make him a force to be reckoned with on any NFL field. He’s laser-focused on his long-time dream…

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Womens Football player Jennifer Kadlitz – Houston Power WR/Team Captain Interview

Womens Football Player – Jennifer Kadlitz I’ve covered womens football in previous articles. I’m not talking lingerie football…I’m talking professional tackle football, complete with pads and helmets. I have discovered the women I’ve interviewed in the pro leagues are gracious and good-hearted women from all lifestyles and occupations. They just love playing football. One such…

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7 Ways to Use Resourcefulness in the Sports Industry

Are you seeking a career in the sports industry or are you already steeped in it? No matter where you find yourself, I have highlighted seven helpful ways to use resourcefulness so you can gain an advantage in the sports field. 1. Preparation Is Everything. It’s always a good idea, whether in your career or…

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A Day in the Life of a Fencer

The sport of fencing doesn’t receive much attention. Perhaps it’s because it doesn’t involve a ball and high dollar ads attached to it. Or, maybe it’s because it’s a game of wit and doesn’t captivate our need for brut strength on a field with lines and numbers. But, make no mistake; fencing is a serious…

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10 Playbook Secrets for Promotional Sports Writing

Do you want to improve your promotional sports writing skills? Just like a football coach has a playbook that guides the team play-by-play, I’m going to reveal some secrets from my own playbook that will help you vastly improve as a sports promotional writer. Follow these secrets and you’ll move up the field to sports…

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Help for Stressful Times in the Sports World

Lockouts rule the roost in 2011. First, the NFL muscles flex to show us the veins of how money ultimately rules the football kingdom. We know full well it’s not a game we simply watch on t.v. – it’s a multi-billion dollar business that needs a “dollar-driven enhancement drug” to keep it going.  The NBA…

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The ABC’s of Client Communication

Being a sports executive on any level involves a lot of hard work to get projects done the way your clients expect. A key aspect of retaining quality clients is learning how to effectively communicate with each one on their level. Each of my clients is unique and special and I communicate with them according…

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Attention Young Athletes – Stop and Think BEFORE You Act

According to the Legal Community Against Violence, “the United States experiences epidemic levels of gun violence, claiming over 30,000 lives annually, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.” Firearm homicide is the leading cause of death for African Americans ages 1-44. African Americans make up 13% of the U.S. population, but in…

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