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Gender Equality in Sports – Is It Coming?

gender equality is comingBeyond gender, what difference exists between male and female sporting events?

I’m a sports fan. I love watching a good contest. Both genders play team ball, need good coaching, and want fan support. Winning championships is the goal, regardless of sport or player. Either sex can have good and bad games. Each, as individuals or teams, must overcome adversities. Who is better is best debated among fans and pundits.

For my thinking, the two are really complementary, having much in common. And when assessing today’s society, I’m surprised we’re not seeing more collaboration, especially in commercials or guest appearances. That falls as a gender equality issue.

Gender Equality in Sports – Slow but Sure

We constantly hear stories of growth, in sports revenues and audiences. Yet, behind the scenes, technology and attitudes toward women are shifting the landscape to newer expectations. In this broader context, the women participating and their associated needs are expanding. But in a reality check, we have long been indoctrinated to the men’s game; a gender equality issue that will not change overnight.

For the ladies, their news is available, though rarely at top billing. However, economics do exist on the female side, including specialized ones. The aim seems focused on convincing sponsors a payoff will happen. Of course, we speak in terms of financial partners for the long haul.

In a further evaluation, I wonder if the marketing of women’s sports may benefit from presentations combining all their sports. And although women in sports is not new, the general public does not yet follow, view or discuss their events with a similar vigor as the men’s game.

Gender Equality Issues in The Media


Within this thought, on the media side, there’s room for broader coverage. Of course, money and sports will always be connected. Optimizing economics is about fan growth directed toward both genders. In actuality, the sporting industry is competing against alternative entertainment choices.

If you consider college sports, there is no doubt the broadcasting contracts are more centered on football and men’s basketball. On the professional side, the sporting concentration of TV revenues and endorsements incorporate the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL. Accordingly, this keeps them in the forefront. However, the actual marketplace for sports is not devoid of many other types, as the enjoyment of great competitive contests allows creation and acceptance to a larger variety of sports. Nonetheless, the over-riding storyline is socializing; for business and pleasure.

In conclusion, the observations as noted throughout are intertwined in ideology and economics. Our individualized positions are driven by interests.
Consider this: A sporting event is like the Mardi Gras festival; community wide, potentially fun, full of business, and a great excuse to interact. How the event is done or to what extent is dealer’s choice. No analysis you’ll find will deny the competitiveness of females. Rather, you’ll find males have the established fan base and monetary backers.

So some will truly enjoy the women’s game, while others only if they’re profitable. Is the glass too empty or just ripe for opportunity? Accordingly, as I see it, there are untold stories of female athletes, great games, league changes, and investments, waiting for discovery. There lies the real difference.

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