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NHL Facebook Analysis: ‘Like’ Standings

All 30 NHL teams maintain Facebook pages that gives them a platform to announce news, encourage discussion, occasionally hold competitions and generally attempt to create a fan community. Every team maintains their Facebook presence in a slightly different way, and every team seems to place a different value on Facebook’s role in their social strategy….

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4 Highly Talked About NFL Team FaceBook Fan Pages

FaceBook, the social media giant, is the forefront of fan and team connection. You can make a case for Twitter, but there’s something more personal about FaceBook. Nearly everyone has one, and fans around the world can join together to show their pride for who they “like.” A little over a year ago, FaceBook added…

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4 NFL Teams To Follow On Pinterest

The National Football League (NFL) is quickly becoming not only king of popularity, but king of social media as well. Whether it be FaceBook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest, teams are talking to the web to keep connected. And some much more than others. Pinterest, at its origins, was considered a hotspot for things about as opposite of…

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3 Examples of Social Media Disasters During 2012 Summer London Olympics

Social media giant Twitter has grown to over 500 million users and an average of 340 million tweets per day (August 2012) and is continuing to grow. Athletes, fans, and team/organization representatives have used the site to connect to one another and build an online relationship. But as is too often the case in these…

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Social Media Activation During the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

Teams in the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs have been doing a fantastic job of capturing both the die-hard and casual fan’s attention throughout the playoffs. With the NHL being the “inferior” member of the major four sports in the United States, they need to do all they can to differentiate themselves. Social media is a…

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The Most Engaging Athletes on Twitter

Which athletes do you like to follow and interact with on Twitter?  Who catches your attention with their comments on hot button topics in the sports world?  Sometimes the athlete wants to draw attention to their charity or hold a contest on Twitter to give away a signed jersey or pair of shoes. Other times,…

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