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4 Highly Talked About NFL Team FaceBook Fan Pages

FaceBook, the social media giant, is the forefront of fan and team connection. You can make a case for Twitter, but there’s something more personal about FaceBook. Nearly everyone has one, and fans around the world can join together to show their pride for who they “like.”

A little over a year ago, FaceBook added the ability to monitor how many times a subject was talked about. By going to a team’s page, you can see the exact numbers. Here are four teams who are consistently talked about.

NFL Team FaceBook Fan Pages

Pittsburgh Steelers

197,584 talking about this 


Few are as popular as the six-time champion Pittsburgh Steelers. On a month-to-month basis, the Steelers’ fan page can see as many as 200,000 times being talked about. Few teams are as popular as the black and yellow. Just ask Wiz Khalifa.

New England Patriots

240,643 talking about this


Look at all the highly talked about names for the Patriots. Bill Belicheck. Tom Brady. Rob Gronkowski. It’s no wonder that the team is so frequently up at the top of the most talked about teams.

New Orleans Saints

80,371 talking about this 


The Saints are not as highly talked about as the other teams on the list, but that doesn’t mean they don’t always bring in heated conversations. During the height of the bounty gate scandal, no team was getting as much attention as the “Who Dat Nation.”

Dallas Cowboys

364,766 talking about this


Part of these numbers could be because of the Cowboys’ recent opening day win over the defending champion Giants, but no team is more popular than the big stars in Dallas. Forbes saw something in them when they valued them at $2.1 billion.

All statistics are from September 6th, 2012

Comment below with who your favorite team is, who you “like”, or who you think is deserving about being talked about. As always, make sure to shoot us a tweet @sportsnetworker

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