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The Most Engaging Athletes on Twitter

Athletes on TwitterWhich athletes do you like to follow and interact with on Twitter?  Who catches your attention with their comments on hot button topics in the sports world?  Sometimes the athlete wants to draw attention to their charity or hold a contest on Twitter to give away a signed jersey or pair of shoes.

Other times, they are simply making comments on topics such as where Peyton Manning will play next, racially insensitive comments made about an English soccer superstar or a world record breaking marathon time by an elite distance runner.  While others use Twitter as a platform to connect with their fans.  Regardless of what they use it for, they are all forms of engagement over social media.  Some of the most engaging athletes that I have come across:

Most Engaging Athletes on Twitter

Nick Swisher (@NickSwisher)

The New York Yankees Right Fielder is comedic and gives interesting insight into the Yankees clubhouse.  It’s also interesting that he has made a children’s music album and is married to actress Joanna Garcia.
Athletes on Twitter

Paul Pierce (@PaulPierce34)

The Boston Celtics Forward mainly uses his Twitter account to promote his charity, The Truth Fund, which benefits under-served youth through educational and life-enriching opportunities.
Athletes on Twitter

Floyd Maywearther (@FloydMayweather)

The boxing champion in known on Twitter for his outrageous comments and VERY sizable sporting bets.
Athletes on Twitter

Dwyane Wade (@DwyaneWade)

The very likable Miami Heat guard and family man tweets often about the hot sports topics and his two sons.
Athletes on Twitter

Wayne Rooney (@WayneRooney)

The Manchester United Striker tweets about the latest in the European soccer world and much like Dwyane Wade, is a family man.
Athletes on Twitter

Andrew Bogut (@AndrewMBogut)

The latest acquisition by the Golden State Warriors, the Australia native tweets about everything from basketball to cars, to life back on his home continent.
Athletes on Twitter

Jimmy Conrad (@JimmyConrad_com)

The former MLS and USA National team soccer player tweets about all of MLS’s latest topics and matches and engages other pro soccer players in Twitter conversations.  He is also the host of his own podcast, Jimmy Conrad’s American Soccer Spectacular.
Athletes on Twitter

Dwight Howard (@DwightHoward)

Now that the Orlando Magic Center will be remaining with his current team, he will have more time to tweet about Christian religious topics and basketball.  He is one of the most engaging athletes in responding to his followers.
Athletes on Twitter

Rey Maualuga (@ReyMaualuga58)

The Cincinnati Bengals Linebacker also responds to his followers regularly and tweets about the latest and hottest topics in professional sports.
Athletes on Twitter

Tony Hawk (@TonyHawk)

The legendary skateboarder tweets about the latest in his sport and well as about his family and the many skateboarding events and skateparks he attends.
Athletes on Twitter

LeBron James (@KingJames)

The Miami Heat star has regularly sparked national television debates with his “controversial” comments the latest college basketball and NBA topics.
Athletes on Twitter
Who are your favorite athletes on Twitter and what do they do to engage fans, peers, sponsors, etc? Leave us your comments below or tweet us!

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  1. seokiwi April 5, 2012 at 3:51 pm #

    I find it interesting that all these guys have massive Follow V’s Followed ratios. Though he’s not an Athlete he’s famous and only follows 3 people V’s 6 million @50cent does he really give a shit about anyone?
    Looks to me like most these guys are more in it for self promotion than actually building relationships with their fans.  I understand it’s tough with the popularity being so high but man they could really do some cool shit if they tried/cared. 

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