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College Football Playoff Preview?

college football playoffThe Egg Bowl should be called the no respect bowl.

Mississippi State and Ole Miss went completely unnoticed by anyone heading into the season and now they are two of the top teams in the country. Normally this rivalry doesn’t get out of the state as it goes for popularity, but this year it could determine who goes to the College Football Playoff. While both teams could still get in regardless of who loses this game, it is safer for the team to just win and insert themselves into the final four.

This season has been a huge surprise for everyone in college football. I am shocked at how these two teams have played this season, especially Mississippi State. The Bulldogs, in my mind, were not even supposed to be bowl eligible this season, and now they’re top-ranked.

Ole Miss on the other hand, I could see coming. With a stellar recruiting class the last two seasons, the Rebels have the best defense in college football by a long shot. This game might be bigger than the Iron Bowl. When was the last time that the good old Egg Bowl would be bigger than the biggest rivalry game in the history of college football?

A Possible College Football Playoff Preview


Ole Miss is coming off of a decent season in 2013 and was ranked in the top 15 to start the season. Much was expected this year but I don’t think even the most die hard Rebel fan could’ve envisioned this. As mentioned before, they’re defense is among college football’s best to my knowledge. The offense isn’t so great but it can get the job done if the defense does what it needs to do. They dominated Texas A&M, held on to a huge win against Alabama and are still one of the most dangerous teams in the country despite the loss to LSU.

Mississippi State started the season by shocking the whole nation with three enormous victories against Texas A&M, Auburn and at LSU. In every one of these big wins, the Bulldogs were winning by at least 21 points. They were beating LSU 34-10 at one point and ended up winning 34-29. Against Texas A&M, the Bulldogs were ripping the Aggies by 31 and ended up winning 48-31, and against Auburn they were up 21-0 in the first quarter and ended up winning 38-23.

The Bulldogs have the best offense in my mind and with Dak Prescott under center – they can dominate any team if their offense is clicking. There are just a couple big games left for State as they look to head into the Egg Bowl unbeaten. If they can get past Alabama then no one else has the talent to beat them, except for the Rebels.

How Will The Game Turn Out?


With this game being in Oxford, Ole Miss is the favorite. The defense is so good that I expect the Rebels to take down State. I think that they will shut down Prescott and the Rebels’ offense is going to be on point. It might prove too hard to win at Ole Miss with that crowd. They will be fired up and nothing will be able to put a damper on their excitement.

It will be close at first but in the fourth quarter Ole Miss will clinch it. Final score Ole Miss 20, Mississippi State 7. Ole Miss will win the SEC and right now they are my pick to win the national championship. Hotty Toddy will take down State and for the first time since 1962, get into the college football playoff and win a national championship.

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  1. Ryan November 20, 2018 at 3:43 pm #

    The college playoffs are getting more and more clear each week, but we all know there are only 2 teams that can win the BCS this year and that is Alabama and Clemson, and Alabama will be a -10 point favorite in that game. I read on Alabama would only be a 25 point underdog if that played the Buffalo Bills and if I got those odds I wold take Alabama. It’s almost not fair. 🙂

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