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Tennessee Titans Rookie Jonathan Willard Saves the Day

Jonathan Willard

Photo credit: News Services, courtesy of Jonathan Willard

Jonathan Willard Was at the right place at the right time. And he chose to be a hero.

Earlier this week on his way to training camp, Tennessee Titans rookie Jonathan Willard saw a family in distress on the road ahead of him and found himself saving their lives. The car went up in flames along I-40 in Tennessee, but Willard helped pull a woman, three children and their dog to safety.

Willard recalled many cars passing by, none stopping to lend a hand. He very well could have been one of them; after all, he’s on a football team, not a fire rescue squad… And he had to make it to camp on time. But he stopped to help and wound up saving the lives of an entire family.

Titans Coach Mike Munchak was very proud of his rookie. As he told ESPN, “We’re proud that [Willard] got involved. He saw something, reacted in a positive way and brought good to a tough situation.”

Acts of selflessness like these speak very highly of those who perform them and also remind those looking on how big of an impact one person can have.  We don’t have to have special expertise or qualifications to make a difference, only the courage to reach out. Jonathan Willard proved that on Tuesday as he provided a powerful example of how to step outside ourselves and our own agendas to make a difference in someone else’s life. And what a difference he made… and he still made it to camp on time.

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