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When Covering Sports is Not Just About Sports


It’s rather interesting; when championships are spoken of, a great deal of people are actually speaking of surrounding social affairs.  The commentary centers upon commercials, foods, drinks, and places for getting our groove on. Sports now goes well beyond fans, sponsors, players, coaches and venues.  Factually, we can very much have sports’ how and when we like; the truly personalized experience.

In today’s society, we don’t like others to encroach upon whom we support. The choice, bluntly stated, is individually ours to make. Bestow all the accolades you desire on your team, just don’t step into my space.

I recall reactions when speaking of my enjoyment for women’s college basketball over the men’s game. I am a Notre Dame and Rams fan, since not quite middle school.  And yes, I sense the Rams will need a lot of help this year. I recognize the pounding taken by Notre Dame’s Football team at the hands of Alabama. And I was heartbroken to losses suffered by the Notre Dame Women’s basketball teams. Nonetheless, good or bad, year after year, I root for them to win.  The choices merely represent a fun part of life, not agreement to a program’s lifestyle.  

Go team.

The Possibilities for Women’s Sports


In evaluating the sports scene, the popularity translates to economic growth angles. Hence, a natural question is raised: what future opportunities lie ahead? Where does one position him or herself?  

Women’s sports have lots of possibilities. This framing goes above partisan debates; professional vs. college, men vs. women, basketball vs. football, ACC vs. SEC and so on.  Most importantly, I enjoy watching them compete. I’m not alone in my thinking.

The fabric of entertainment evolves around socializing – as the event is happening, during intermissions and breaks in the action, from ending to days to follow.  Thus, my take on women in sports, the inroads for increasing success (i.e. more butts in the seats, more eyeballs on broadcasts, and more sponsorships), formulates toward linking up with the fan every day, not merely days leading up to big games or when a segment gets the spotlight.  The strategy needs establishment: a daily chat session among the masses.  Also, each age group of females should be exposed to all aspects, and each age group of males is surrounded with their awareness.

I myself became a fan of women’s sports through watching professional tennis, involving the days of Monica Seles vs. Steffi Graf with Monica, being my top one or two favorite female athletes to this day. From there, I fell hook, line, and sinker for WNBA basketball, since day 1. At some point, I also got into women’s college basketball. What may have helped was volunteering with the New Orleans’ Sports Foundation. That exposed me to lots of events, especially on the women’s side. 

I even met the women of that famous US Soccer team, taking individual pictures with the likes of Mia Hamm. I noticed, then and now, the participation into sports is presumptively associated with academia (all levels), tactically to health advocacy.  More-so, on the writing side, interpretations are made attaching you to religion.  No, I’m not saying everyone; I’m giving an observation; an expression of concern for those shallow thinking overtures.      

How To Cover Sports


In basic terms, the sporting community is a subset of the entertainment industry.  The most fun entails crossing paths with others; celebrating games, victories and money issues to name a few.  However you do notice, perhaps in comparison to polarizing sentiments in society, there are insiders and outsiders whose agendas are less about aiming to win you over and more of a mentality to mandate.  Apparently, form has more sway than substance. 

Nonetheless, covering sports is perk-filled and difficult – deciding which events to apply for credentials, prepping and readying for actual game time, networking during moments sure to come and completing the stories. I assure you, no offense to anyone, I don’t envy athletes, coaches, or referees. Yet, behind the scenes, the environment is a typical work place. There are folks of good nature, working hard to the business at-hand. Of course, perceptively, bad apples can exist in the barrel, per the same ways. 

In essence, sports is not divorced from society.  This world is impacted by an assortment of trends; i.e. technological changes, the green movement, women’s rights, racial equality issues, tax laws, economic conditions, individuality, etc.                

If there’s any confusion, I remain a fan of the men’s game as well. I simply diversified to liking more sporting segments, better. And quite frankly, as said in the words of Bobby Brown, it’s our prerogative as fans or media. So, trying to pigeonhole anyone to some specific entertainment rock leaves me scratching my head. 

As media, looking further at monetary angles, one can fairly claim women involvement long ago added to the economic portal of sports. There will be an increasing payoff for women when the discussions about their athletes, and activities, play out daily.

What’s the Result?

In the end, it’s best not to confuse media interest with academia; whether administration, teaching, marketing, or counseling; nor automatically connect religion and health to the equation.  Sports, like music and TV, is bonded to entertainment and business, designed to generate enjoyment, to keep you coming back. And to generate income for businesses and leagues. 

Media folk, as a result, encompass full-timers, part-timers, and freelancers. We live in many places of the world – a particular geographic is not a requirement.  Wisdom has shown one should not confuse the value system of a sporting entity with the value system of workers, players, fans, or media. Clearly, there is no 100% correlation.  

Quite frankly, as dogs wag their tails and as cats meow, get in where you want to fit in.

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