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Interview with Brett Stewart – Author, 7 Weeks To Fitness

Today I was thrilled to be joined be an outstanding person in Brett Stewart. Along with being a someone I’m proud to call a friend, Brett is an author of over nine fitness books, and an active participant in countless marathons and triathlons.

Growing up as a self-proclaimed “chunky kid,” Brett was motivated to gain his youth back by dedicating himself to a healthy lifestyle. At the age of 42, Brett is in the best shape of his life, and continues to participate in triathlons across the country. In his books “7 Weeks to Fitness,” “7 Weeks to Getting Ripped,” “7 Weeks to a Traithlon,” along with his other books, Brett gives step-by-step, goal-oriented ways to increase one’s fitness level and eating style.

Brett was a great person to interview, and this is a great video to watch for anyone looking to improve their lifestyle.

During our interview, Brett and I talked about:

  • Why Brett is so dedicated to fitness and a healthy lifestyle
  • How Brett chooses the partnerships he endorses during his fitness events
  • The attitude one needs in order to successfully complete a triathlon, along with be successful in life
  • Advice Brett would give to those thinking about participating in a marathon or triathlon

Brett Stewart Interview

Brett Stewart Interview Transcript


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