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How To Land Your Dream Job In Sports with Laura Brandes – adidas Latin America – Sports Category Manager – Running

One of the many benefit of being a Sports Executives Association member is the access we provide our members to top sports business professionals who are willing to network and help aspiring sports business professionals take their sports career to the next level! Yesterday, we were joined by Laura Brandes, Sports Category Manager – Running…

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hines ward

Hines Ward Ready to “Become One” IRONMAN Triathlete

Yes, you read the title of this story correctly. Former Super Bowl MVP Hines Ward, one of the Pittsburgh Steelers greatest receivers of all-time, is ready to become a triathlete. In partnership with REFUEL | got chocolate milk?, Ward will undertake a training and recovery regimen with elite professional coaches and sports dietitians that will prepare him for…

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sports technology

Sports Technology: Digitization Changing Sports

What in the world is digitization? Should we get out the dictionary? defines digitization as: 1. to convert (data) to digital form for use in a computer. 2. to convert (analogous physical measurements) to digital form. How is digitization changing the world of sports? We live in a tech-savvy world where smartphones are in everyone’s pockets…

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Oscar Pistorious In Danger of Losing $4.7 Million in Sponsorships

Oscar Pistorious, a 2012 Olympian known as “Blade Runner” for his prosthetic limbs, is in danger of losing the sponsors that helped propel him to being the highest-paid Paralympic athlete in the world. Pistorious was charged with the murder of his girlfriend, who was shot in his home on Thursday after Pistorious mistook her as…

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Spira “WaveSpring® Technology” Set to Change Running Footware As We Know It

Forget the way you ever thought about running shoes. Spria’s new WaveSpring technology is set to set the standard of running shoes as we know it. Spira is bringing in a new technology in spring form that will configure for you and give you that perfect running shoe you need to go the extra mile….

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Interview with Brett Stewart – Author, 7 Weeks To Fitness

Today I was thrilled to be joined be an outstanding person in Brett Stewart. Along with being a someone I’m proud to call a friend, Brett is an author of over nine fitness books, and an active participant in countless marathons and triathlons. Growing up as a self-proclaimed “chunky kid,” Brett was motivated to gain…

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Trail Running: Racing Towards the Top in Popularity

(This is a guest article by Richard Burgunder) Over the past couple of years, competitive trail running in the USA has gone from an underground community of extreme athletes to an immensely popular extreme sports venue. Currently, trail running and off-road triathlon are considered the sixth most popular extreme sports in the USA, only behind…

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