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The Power of Social Media in Sports

The world is dominated by the internet. At any given second, you can roll your office chair up to a computer, whip out your smart phone or connect through your gaming console to find up to the second news about pretty much anything. Sports is no different. The second a big highlight play happens or…

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Social Media In Sports-Thanksgiving

Social Media In Sports: Professional Athletes Voice What They Are Thankful For On Twitter

Like so many Americans on Thanksgiving, professional athletes from the country’s sports also took to Twitter to voice what they’re thankful for. Whether it was family, friends, being able to play a kid’s game, or just being healthy, each player had his/her own unique message to his/her followers. At Sports Networker, we compiled a list…

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The Most Engaging Athletes on Twitter

Which athletes do you like to follow and interact with on Twitter? ¬†Who catches your attention with their comments on hot button topics in the sports world? ¬†Sometimes the athlete wants to draw attention to their charity or hold a contest on Twitter to give away a signed jersey or pair of shoes. Other times,…

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