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Tips on How to Cover a Sporting Event Through Twitter

Whether you love it or hate it, Twitter has changed the field of sports journalism. Just last decade, the only way to follow along with a sporting event was to either attend it yourself or by tuning in on television. Now, any fan can log onto Twitter during the game and, simply by following the…

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Major League Baseball Finds a Home on YouTube

Baseball highlights have been a rarity on YouTube for years. But that all is likely to change with the MLB officially joining with a new channel, uploading HD content frequently. The channel already has 24,000+ subscribers and is seeing rapid growth as the season progresses. MLB has uploaded highlights from every game of the 2013 season as well as…

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The MLB Fan Cave

A social media junkie’s dream, and a job every baseball fan wishes they had! In its third season of existence, the MLB Fan Cave has taken MLB’s social media presence to a whole other level. Over 25,000 baseball fans applied this year to become a Fan Cave Dweller and live for a season in the…

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The Richmond Flying Squirrels Hit One Out of the Park on Social Media

Minor League teams should take a page from MLB’s playbook and harness the power of social media to engage their fans. Baseball is back and it’s no surprise MLB has been all over their social media channels by engaging fans with a fresh team of MLB Fan Cave members and a large social media presence…

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“Must Follows” for 2013 NFL Draft Information

The NFL Draft has become the Super bowl of the off-season.  The NFL has taken what is essentially a human resources function, and turned it into a three-day event. The NFL Draft is: Sponsored by some of the most successful companies in the world Broadcast by two networks Watched by 25 million people last year. Unfortunately,…

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Social Media Lessons Learned From Professional Athletes

Say what you want about how athletes use social media marketing, but it’s an extension of their personal brand, both on and off the field. In this short-attention span world, we can learn a lot from athletes as they continue to connect with their fans through fresh content and unique programs. Athletes that continue to lead…

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Manti Te’o Giving up Social Media? Is he Doing the Right Thing?

Is Stopping the Right Thing to do? No we haven’t lost our minds here at Sports Networker.  We want to dig deeper.  Do you give something up because it didn’t work out for you the way you envisioned it?  Okay not just work out, but really almost cost you your career. A few weeks ago one…

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MLB Twitter Handles and Follower Counts

If the World Series were won by Twitter followers, the New York Yankees would hold all the titles. Since Twitter’s launch in 2006, the Yankees have always held the top spot. The Phillies are starting to catch up, but they’re still a good 90,000 follows away from surpassing the leader. Philadelphia does, however, have almost…

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Three Tips for Successful Social Media in Sports

Athletes, sport franchises and marketers continue to push the social media envelope. While the industry continues to innovate how they incorporate their social media messaging to foster and engage with fans, what we have to start asking is, how much is too much? In recent years, Twitter handles and hashtags have been placed on courts or…

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Super Bowl XLVII Sets Live Stream Viewership, Social Media Records

The live streams of Super Bowl XLVII from,, and NFL Mobile from Verizon drew a record number of viewers for a single game sports event in the United States on Sunday as fans turned to new platforms to watch what is being called the most social Super Bowl in history. drew 3…

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5 Ways Aspiring #SportsBiz Professionals Can Better Use 30 Minutes Of Their Day

A few weeks ago, my wonderful mother pointed out this great quote from Jo Oz. It goes a little something like this. “The best moves in life are made in silence. Don’t talk about it. Just do it and let them talk about it. Failure talks. Success walks.” This applies to all industries and across so…

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Social Media, The NHL Lockout and the New Jersey Devils

The NHL Lockout is finally over and we want to highlight a team who has kept their fans engaged this whole time. When 2013 hit, and half the hockey season had gone by with no games, no one was actually sure if there would be an NHL hockey game played in 2013. NHL teams have…

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