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Sports and Social Media with Jason Peck

Jason Peck is one of the O.G. bloggers who covered sports and social media.  Anything athletes, teams, sports professionals and other sports organizations were doing online, Jason was covering.  He is someone who inspired me to share my own thoughts about a growing passion of mine over the last year.  And a few of his…

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3 Reasons Athletes Should Use Social Media

Last week Antonio Ramirez wrote in from Mexico to ask what the best arguments were for convincing players to participate in a social program. It’s a great question, and in Antonio’s case, for a great cause. Childhood obesity is quickly becoming an epidemic in Mexico, particularly surrounding low income areas and schools. And he’s looking…

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How To Build a Digital Brand Universe

Building a Digital Brand Universe is a fundamental part of the Digital Royalty philosophy.  We created the concept to serve as a road map for digital integration.  This video is an example of how social media is done on the move.

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Before Shaq on Twitter, There Was Gilbert

When you think of social media and basketball, you think Shaquille O’Neal. He has over 2 million followers on Twitter and about 900,000 fans on Facebook. He is hilarious, innovative, active, and engaging. He was one of the first athletes to get involved with social media and his personality has helped make him one of…

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How can social media tools drive your sports marketing success?

What brands have succeeded in using social tools to increase their engagement with their fans? Enhance their brand affinity? Drive their bottom line? These are all questions WE’RE going to explore today, together.  That’s right, I’ll get us started, but then let’s use the comments section to build out both lists until we have a…

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Keep it Personal or Get Down to Business?

 There are not enough hours in the day to successfully manage a plethora of social media profiles.  The bottom line is that you need to make money.  Social networking sites will help you build a strong network of contacts, but you still must devote a large portion of your business day to selling and perfecting the actual…

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Transformation: The Future of Sports + Social Media

Or since transformation can be negative, let’s say intelligent growth or evolving. People in the sports world do it all the time when they add another dimension to their game, or when they improve upon a certain facet of their skill set. Joe Mauer adding more power to his arsenal, LeBron improving his defense and…

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Digital Sports Branding Through Social Media

Amy Martin has major influence when it comes to helping professional sports teams (like the Phoenix Suns) and professional athletes (the mighty Shaquille O’Neal), take control of their digital brand. Her recent success attracts more major clients knocking on her door every day as she helps people answer some of the toughest questions like, “How…

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Sports Networker Newsletter: April Edition

This month is full of great videos and articles for the sports industry, and it features the So Cal Action Sports Network founder Bryan Elliott.  If you didn’t receive a copy of the newsletter in your email, no worries, just click here and you can see what you missed.

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How To Use Social Media [VIDEO]

This is a video with my top ways to use social media.  To be honest with you, I don’t talk about how this relates to the sports industry at all.  However, all of these principles apply to your sports industry and social media marketing online.  They also apply to helping you build your personal brand…

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Alex Shalman: How To Become An Online Rock Star!

I have had the great fortune to become friends with Alex Shalman over the past year, and Alex was one of the first people I reached out to a while back to pick his brain on social media, and most importantly… blogging. I would not say Alex has one of the top 100 blogs, but…

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