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NHL Lockout

POLL: With The NHL Lockout Over, Has The League Won You Back?

On Sunday, January 6, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and  NHLPA executive director Donald Fehr announced a tentative collective bargaining agreement to end the NHL lockout. After over 100 days, fans across North America and the rest of the world began to lose hope that they’d see hockey this season. Some even were indifferent to seeing NHL…

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Why Fans Should Buy the NHL Post-Lockout

The National Hockey League has this work stoppage thing down to a science… That and being the butt of all non-New York Jets related sports jokes. During the 113-day lockout, one head coach said that the NHL’s brand was in danger of becoming as irrelevant as bowling, to which reporters snickered back with “at least…

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World Junior Hockey Championships

TSN Decides To Charge Fans For Online Feed During 2013 World Junior Hockey Championships In Russia

A once free service has left fans of the World Junior Hockey Championships in a state of annoyance and utter frustration, to say the least. The Sports Network — or more commonly known as TSN — is Canada’s equivalent of ESPN in the United States; TSN used to provide a free online feed of the…

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NHL Lockout Hurting Key Sponsors During Holidays

The NHL Lockout has been hurting the players, coaches, front office, league personal and much more. Also hurting are some of the leagues’ key sponsors who are struggling this holiday season. Holiday sales are down, and this never-ending lockout has continued to hurt all parties involved. And with the recent announcement of  game cancelation through the remainder…

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Canadian Sporting Community Grow Mos In Support Of Movember

Having started in Australia in 2003, Movemberhas now become a global movement: running campaigns in 21 countries around the globe. During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on male faces around the world.  The aim of which is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s mental health, specifically prostate…

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NHL on Twitter

Top 5 Most Followed NHL Twitter Accounts

Each of the 30 teams in the NHL have Twitter accounts on which they post team transactions, ticket offers, player information, injury updates, team events and live tweets throughout the team’s games and so much more. Following any NHL team on Twitter gives fans an inside look at all of the goings throughout the year….

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Teams Keeping Fan Interest During the NHL Lockout On FaceBook

Lockouts.  You may win a better collective bargaining agreement or revenue sharing plan, but you won’t win friends or fans by keeping them out of the arena.  With the NHL lockout already consuming the first two weeks of the season, sponsors, season ticket holders, employees, and local business owners are wondering how much their fortunes…

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Players Voice Opinions With League’s Handling Of 2012 NHL Lockout

The 2012 NHL Lockout began at 11:59 p.m. on September 15, and since then, there’s been minimal progress made at the bargaining table between the team owners and the NHL Players Association. On October 4, the NHL postponed the start of the regular season, which was supposed to start on October 11. In all, 82…

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In Midst of NHL Lockout, NBC Sports Network Reliving London 2012

With the 2012-13 NHL season still on hold, that leaves one particular sports media outlet — NBC Sports Network — with plenty of holes on its programming calendar. The Network was supposed to highlight over 90 regular season games along with another dozen on NBC. However, with little progress at the negotiating table being made…

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Gongshow Gear Steps Into Sports Technology Arena With Saucer King App

Gongshow Gear, Inc. is a Canadian Lifestyle Hockey Apparel company which has cemented itself as one of the leaders in outfitting hockey players across North America. With a core demographic of 12 to 30 years, Gongshow wanted to further its decade-old brand by stepping into the sports technology arena and creating a mobile app that…

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Effects of the NHL Lockout

The NHL is locked out. This is the first full week when the owners and players are now in such disagreement that missing a portion of the NHL Season is very likely and the NHL is officially LOCKED OUT! We know the owners are in full agreement with the Commish Gary Bettman that the current…

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Professional Athletes Remember 9/11 Attacks Through Social Media

It’s been 11 years since the 9/11 terrorist attacks against the United States. For the weeks following the events that shook Americans sense of freedom and security, sports became the great escape for fans from coast to coast. Fast forward to the present and professional athletes from the four major sports took to social media…

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