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NBA Playoffs Go Social

There are more than 200 million people who follow the NBA, an NBA team, or an NBA player on social media. That’s more than Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League and surprisingly for some, the National Football League. In fact, LeBron James, who leads all active NBA players with 22 million followers, has a bigger…

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Jason Collins Breaks the Silence

Good for Jason Collins. It’s not easy to do what the man just did, taking a personal decision and deciding to go very public with his sexuality. Hopefully his announcement will convince others to follow suit, while promoting tolerance amongst male athletes in the ‘Big 4’ sports here in the United States. Unfortunately, this isn’t…

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Why Teams Should Splurge On Social Media Talent

A wise football coach (okay, Jerry Glanville) once said that the NFL stood for “Not For Long.” In hockey, the NHL stands for Not Here Long, especially when it comes to goaltenders, the league’s head coaches and social media mavens. Yes, the employees who get paid to Tweet, Pin, use Facebook, filter photos through Instagram…

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Why Twitter Buying Bluefin May Be The Most Important Acquisition of 2013

Twitter’s acquisition of Cambridge (MA) based Bluefin labs could be the single most influential digital acquisition in 2013. Why? Bluefin measures what we’re talking about in the social space as it happens on TV. Twitter is out to build a revenue model based on real time brand activation. Super Bowl XLVII was the most talked about…

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Your Team Needs to up its Game on Social Media

On Sunday, I unLIKED the Tampa Bay Lightning on Facebook. Why? Because every time I would log on they’d give me a piece of news and ask me to LIKE it, in big, capital letters, as if I needed to be educated on how to press the LIKE button. When brands do this, regardless of…

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Why Fans Should Buy the NHL Post-Lockout

The National Hockey League has this work stoppage thing down to a science… That and being the butt of all non-New York Jets related sports jokes. During the 113-day lockout, one head coach said that the NHL’s brand was in danger of becoming as irrelevant as bowling, to which reporters snickered back with “at least…

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Four Future Trends in Sports

Over the next couple of weeks, every blogger and their mother will pen a post with their 2013 predictions. This is not that post. Those interested in landing a sports job (or any job for that matter) must be forward thinking. They must have an educated guess on what is going to happen next and why…

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Why Facebook Sponsored Posts Will Change the Way Your Favorite Sports Team Interacts Online

There are few companies who have done a better job than Lululemon using social media to grow its brand. More impressive is that they’ve done so in a field (apparel) where its competitors spend hundreds of millions of dollars to acquire market share. Lululemon’s advertising is minimal, relying on word of mouth and consumer interaction…

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Why a Start-up Can Launch a Sports Career

There are hundreds, if not thousands of applicants for most jobs in professional sports. Those are tough odds, even tougher if you don’t have anything that stands out on a resume. While pro teams and minor league clubs may offer internships, understand that these are designed to help them more than they help you. Most teams…

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