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Work Your Passion in Sports

Over thirty years ago, I was studying at Bowling Green University and dreamed of the day I would be working for a professional baseball team.  Little did I know that the many years of focusing on my passion of sports would be the driving force of my livelihood today. Without proper preparation, all of that…

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Creating a Personal Advisory Team

Career decision making is tough business.  One way a lot of people cope with these difficult considerations is by turning to others for advice.  These supporters act as a sort of “kitchen cabinet”, listening to your concerns and giving you their wisdom in return.  In a sense, they constitute your personal board of directors. Everybody’s…

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Top 14 Career Changing Tips in Sports

The average sports worker will change jobs 8 times with at least 3 career changes, contributing to an annual industry turnover rate nearing 65%.  As Sports and Entertainment converge with the new media and expanding sports properties, there is still a critical need for quality senior level executives and specialized professionals.   Follow these top…

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Sports Career Builders

Professional Development & Sports Career Management More than 45 million people find themselves unemployed each year.  Millions of others try to increase their satisfaction within the workplace as well as advance their careers by looking for alternative jobs and opportunities.  Statistics show that you will make more than 10 job changes and between three and…

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