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Work Your Passion in Sports

baseballOver thirty years ago, I was studying at Bowling Green University and dreamed of the day I would be working for a professional baseball team.  Little did I know that the many years of focusing on my passion of sports would be the driving force of my livelihood today.

Without proper preparation, all of that dreaming was worthless to me in my attempt to break into baseball.  I had absolutely no personal or professional contacts in the entire sports industry and did not have a clue where to find any resources or direction.

After college, I took a very good job with a large company.  In one year, I knew the only place for me was in the sports industry, but I had no idea how to build a career path.  I experienced many frustrations while building a career in sports over the next ten years.  These learning experiences serve as the basic foundation and driving force behind SPORTS CAREERS, an employment resource program I developed in 1988.

Building a career in sports is sometimes one of the most difficult tasks to accomplish.  Many times the conditions have to be just perfect for you to get an opportunity.  No matter how many calls you make, resumes you send, or resources you develop, your job search comes up empty.

My Sports Career has been dedicated to helping interested and qualified professionals build and enhance a career path in the sports industry.  I believe you need 4 essential tools to make this happen:

1. The ability to access information necessary to prepare and position yourself for a career path in sports.

2. The ability to access personal and professional contacts within the sports industry.

3. The ability to access decision makers and employment opportunities within the sports industry.

4. The ability to develop job search techniques and specific skills necessary for your major area of interest.

Desire and preparation will help you find the satisfaction you’re searching for in sports.  You just need a fortunate break … Remember, people get very lucky when an opportunity appears and they are properly prepared.  As my grandfather always said, “The luckiest and happiest people are those who find out that WHAT THEY ARE DOING and WHAT THEY SHOULD BE DOING is the same thing.”

When you give up your dream … you die.  Keep chasing your dream and I’ll see you around the ball park.

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2 Responses to Work Your Passion in Sports

  1. Mike Rodriguez October 20, 2009 at 6:43 am #


    Loved your thoughts on achieving a career in sports and what it takes to get there. I come across many undergraduate college students who say they want to work in sports, but have little idea how much desire and preparation is required to make it to their “big stage” in sports (whatever platform that might be).

    Seems like you discuss topics I'd be interested in learning from. I'll follow your handle on twitter and great work.


  2. Savio October 20, 2009 at 5:53 pm #


    Very good post !
    I am from Brazil and I am always reeding the sport networker. I agree with you, we need to have dreams and when they are related to build a career in sports we have to be persistent.

    Savio Sousa

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