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Madden NFL 25’s Super Bowl Prediction

super bowl prediction

If you’ve wondered how a video game can predict the outcome of a Super Bowl, you’re not alone.

The Madden franchise has been remarkably accurate in its predictions. In eight of the ten years EA Sports has been running the simulation, the video game franchise has picked the correct winner, often times with a decent approximation of the final score.

Last year Madden NFL 13 correctly predicted a three-point Baltimore Ravens win and even accurately forecasted Joe Flacco as the game’s MVP.

So what makes these predictions so accurate? EA says it’s the games authentic gameplay, the development team’s unparalleled access to NFL resources and its prominent place in NFL culture as the unofficial 33rd franchise.

Watch below to see Madden NFL 25’s prediction of Super Bowl XLVIII on Xbox One.

Madden’s Super Bowl Prediction

According to the EA Sports and the Madden franchise, this year’s big game will be the first Super Bowl to ever go into overtime. If you’re still not sure how accurately the game can predict the actual outcome of the Super Bowl, Madden went as far as issuing a press release after the simulation, describing the game in past tense.

A Look Back

Madden has an 8-2 record at predicting the Super Bowl, with its only inaccuracies in predicting the 2008 and 2011 Super Bowls.

Year  Bowl  Madden’s Prediction  Actual Score
2013  XLVII  Ravens 27, 49ers 24  Ravens, 34-31
2012  XLVI  Giants 27, Patriots 24  Giants, 21-17
2011  XLV  Steelers 24, Packers 20  Packers, 31-25
2010  XLIV  Saints, 35-31  Saints, 31-17
2009  XLIII  Steelers 28, Cardinals 24  Steelers, 27-23
2008  XLII  Patriots 38, Giants 30  Giants, 17-14
2007  XLI  Colts 38, Bears 27  Colts, 29-17
2006  XL  Steelers 24, Seahawks 19  Steelers, 21-10
2005  XXXIX  Patriots 47, Eagles 31  Patriots, 24-21
2004  XXXVIII  Patriots 23, Panthers 20  Patriots, 32-29

Maybe Madden is on to something, or maybe they are just eerily good at predicting Super Bowls. In the short time they’ve been predicting Super Bowls, Madden and the EA Sports franchise has possessed a better accuracy rate than Punxsutawney Phil himself!

Do you think Madden’s Super Bowl XLVIII prediction is correct? Whatever the outcome Maddens Super Bowl predictions are surely entertaining!

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