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Madden NFL 25’s Super Bowl Prediction

If you’ve wondered how a video game can predict the outcome of a Super Bowl, you’re not alone. The Madden franchise has been remarkably accurate in its predictions. In eight of the ten years EA Sports has been running the simulation, the video game franchise has picked the correct winner, often times with a decent…

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The Essential Guide To Watching Football On Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a day of wild amounts of food, crazy family members, afternoon food-naps and the unpacking of seasonal decorations. But one thing brings everything together nicely – seemingly wrapping turkey-day in a big bow – NFL football. However football, like food, doesn’t just come served on a silver platter without the prep-work. It is…

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3 Ways Sports And Social Media Build Fan Loyalty

Social media has become a trend in the sports world that is sure to stick around for a while.  Because of this, teams are planning social media suites into new stadium plans, they’re creating team voices and they are added social media to their business plans.  In return, fans are expecting more from their favorite…

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Ray Lewis Officially Joins ESPN as NFL Analyst

Just two months after retiring from football, Ray Lewis is back. Except this time, he’s trading in the pads for the suit. On Wednesday, ESPN officially announced that Lewis would join the network as an NFL analyst. The move had been rumored ever since Lewis capped off his career with a Super Bowl win last…

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The Passing of the Torch: Marketing Joe Flacco as the New Face of the Ravens

Super Bowl MVP and $120 Million Dollar Man! When the final lights shut down (for the second time that evening) at the Superdome in New Orleans the Baltimore Ravens were crowned the Super Bowl Champions. And a curtain was closed on their team.  Their franchise player for over the past 15 years Ray Lewis had…

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Ravens Make Joe Flacco Highest Paid Player in NFL History

One month after leading the Ravens to a Super Bowl win over the San Francisco 49ers, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is set to sign a contract valued at $120.6 million over six years. The contract, which will pay Flacco over $20 million per year, will make him the highest paid player in NFL history….

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Super Bowl XLVII Snubs

Super Bowl Sunday is the most glamorized sporting event of the year, and the hype leading up to the game is maximized. Those players participating in the game have more physical and mental preparation than any other game of their careers, along with a much bigger media spotlight. But in the end, it is still…

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Super Bowl XLVII Sets Live Stream Viewership, Social Media Records

The live streams of Super Bowl XLVII from,, and NFL Mobile from Verizon drew a record number of viewers for a single game sports event in the United States on Sunday as fans turned to new platforms to watch what is being called the most social Super Bowl in history. drew 3…

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Super Bowl XLVII: Comparing the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens on Social Media

Ready, set blitz! We’re officially on the cusp of Super Bowl Sunday, or so appropriated dubbed the Super Bro-l. Yeah, the media and everyone is going bananas over the story of the two brothers who coach their respective teams and the saga leading up to the game is all over the social media sites. It’s…

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Ravens Flacco Signs Sports Sponsorship Deal With Gummy Bear Company, Haribo Gold Bears

If you’ve seen the movie Jerry Maguire with Tom Cruise, you know the four jewels of the celebrity endorsement dollar: shoe, car, clothing-line, and soft drink. But Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco is quickly stretching that notion, as he recently signed a sports sponsorship deal with a gummy bear company, according to ESPN’s Darren Rovell….

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Social Media In Sports: Ravens Ray Lewis Has A Huge Klout Score

Ray Lewis’ play on the field is coming to an end, as he’s set to retire following Super Bowl XLVII, but his Klout score and social media in sports presence off the field is likely to remain high for quite some time. There’s a lengthy formula to determine your Klout score; the San Francisco-based company uses…

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