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Hot Dog Stand Marketing: Sports Sales Vol 5: Being Positive

being positive is the 5th step in hot dog stand marketing.“Remember one thing. Through every dark night, there’s a bright day after that. So no matter how hard it gets, stick your chest out. Keep your head up, and handle it.” – 2PAC

2PAC said it best  – we have to handle adversity and wrap our hands around being positive in all aspects of life every single day!

You wake up in the morning and you stretch those arms out!  As you yawn and go to stand up you slip on the whiffle ball bat your son had left by your bedside. As you go down for the count your dog thinks it is a great time to see how your face tastes and begins to lick you from your scalp to your chin. How do you react? 

Do you scowl or get upset because you think to yourself “what a crappy start to such a busy day, I don’t have time for this. I hope my whole day doesn’t go like this!”


Do you laugh and smile?  Because you are so fortunate to wake up in a warm bed, have a healthy child that loves playing with his parents and a dog that absolutely is “man (or woman’s) best friend.”

As one of my other favorite hip hop artists Andre 3000 from Outkast said in one of their hit records:

“It all depends on your interpretation of the situation.”

Being Positive Is Key To Your Success In The Sports Sales and Marketing World!

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Being Positive in life every single day is vital to your success in the sports sales and sports marketing world. But how you can be positive when the world seems like it might be spinning out of control?

It starts with my Hot Dog Stand Marketing Version of Sales.  It is my own creation, my mission statement that I use each and every day. Ten Building Blocks for sales success no matter what decade/age we are in.

It is explained in much more detail in my book or at a speaking engagement.

Over the coming weeks here at Sports Networker I will delve into each of my 10 traits and steps to ensure that we thrive; and don’t just survive; in the sports sales world for the coming decades.  Today we mark our halfway point!

Number Five: Positivity In All Aspects of Life Every Single Day

Or being positive for short!

In sales, especially sports sales, it almost seems like our lives go as our reports, budgets, and ratings go.

At our sports talk radio station we don’t subscribe to the Arbitron numbers, but they are published in the PPM format. These are the ratings systems for radio stations and how a lot of advertising agencies determine how they will allocate their dollars in a market for a specific advertiser.

The fact we don’t subscribe to these numbers is almost a good thing because I have heard from colleagues in other markets that you get excited when a big game draws a 30 share of Adults for a particular broadcast of a game (30% of the entire radio market at that time).  But then maybe that next broadcast tanks.

We instead get the opportunity to sell on ideas and passion instead of computer numbers that may have glitches.

Budgets. We hit them and we celebrate, for a brief moment.  Then it’s on to the next number before your glass of champagne is empty.

Reports come out.  You beat the industry average compared to other sports teams revenues, congratulations!  For a day.  The next report comes out and you got beat; even though it is a report from the past and I am of the belief that you live in the present; and you are down and out until the next report.

So Why Is Being Positive So Vital?

It’s the way the industry has been.  I don’t subscribe to the notion that the status quo has to change in every aspect. But I believe if we put forth a positive message out to the world every single day and in all aspects of our lives, good things happen. We are in a better mood, we are happier and more excited to meet with our clients, and more joyous to spend time with our loved ones.

Being positive makes things that may be bleak seem a little more possible.

The only thing that we can truly control every day in our lives is our attitude.  That output of positive energy, I believe, makes a huge difference in how you sell, how you market yourself and how you lead and manage your team if you are in that department.

How Can You Be More Positive?

being positive 2It doesn’t come easy.  There are lots of people that just want to gripe.  A prime example of this is the negative news in the media that you see every day.

But it all depends on your interpretation of the situation.  For every piece of negative news, there are five pieces of positive news that makes being positive easy.  You just have to seek them out.

For every report from a 3rd party that says you “missed,” there is another one the next month you can come together on and attempt to knock it out of the park.

For every sale that goes unsold, you are that much closer to the next one.

Until you unleash it upon yourself and the world you may not realize the vibes you are putting out or how you feel each day.  If you get in touch with yourself and produce positivity in all aspects of life every single day I promise you that you will feel better, be more motivated and increase your sales.

Bottom Line: Be Positive!

I’m also excited to announce that my brand new E Book “When can I KETCHUP and find my Hot Dog Stand?” is now out and available on Amazon Kindle for just $.99 cents!  What else is less than a dollar other than a lollipop?!

Do you have questions?  Need help?  Have more thoughts?  Leave your comments below, email me at and or hit me up on one of the social media outlets and I’d love to discuss and give you more ideas on any of these ten steps.

Two weeks from today…we’ll dive into volume number six!  Thanks for reading and sharing if you like it!

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