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Hendrick Motorsports And The Digital Dashboard Blueprint

Hendrick Motorsport's Digital DashboardHendrick Motorsports may be one step ahead in the social media game.  By utilizing their “digital dashboard”, they are able to reach fans better than ever.  Not only that, but they are leveraging its use to procure and promote new sponsorships.  The team believes that what they are doing with social media can be a blueprint for other NASCAR teams.

What exactly is Hendrick Motorsports’ digital dashboard?

The digital dashboard utilized by Hendrick Motorsports is a glassed-in suite with a large black countertop of laptop hookups and video boards designed by Panasonic, one of the team’s sponsors.  The team has used the dashboard to revamp its marketing department.  With an overall goal of expanding its audience, the emphasis is on the social media side of things and bringing fans behind-the-scenes content.  Josh Pelz – head of digital at Engine Shop sports and marketing agency – described how value can be added by utilizing the digital dashboard:

“It’s really important to be listening to what the fans are saying and try to mold the conversation.  There’s no downside to participating, and the fact NASCAR drivers are so willing to engage with their fans is huge. You don’t see that as much in other sports where 100% of a team might be on Twitter, but they’re not engaging. The drivers understand how valuable it is for sponsors and are selling themselves and the team.”

What is the purpose?

Again, Hendrick is using the digital dashboard to leverage itself to potential sponsors.  This new digital wave of strategies represents a change in the world of sports.  Sponsors are becoming more adepts to social media because they can more accurately measure their return on investment.  Josh Pelz also explained the value of such a system:

“another piece of real estate to sell the sponsor on, because with digital aids the metrics are actual. We’re not relying on a Nielsen box or average TV time of a car. We know exactly how many people came to the site every minute and what had the most clicks and what tweets resonated.”

During one of Dale Earnhardt’s chat’s via the digital dashboard, #DashChat was used as a hashtag for his interaction.  During that time, the hashtag trended with a potential reach of 1.6 million users and 11.7 million potential impressions.

Hendrick Motorsports hopes that other teams in NASCAR can use their system as a “blueprint” for their own.  Also, be sure to have a look at Dale Earnhardt Jr. discussing the social media aspect of Hendrick Motorsports.  Do you think this system could be successful in other sports?

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    The drivers understand how valuable it is for sponsors and are selling themselves and the team.

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