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Media Picks Oregon Ducks as Pac-12 Title Favorites

Pac-12 Title FavoritesThe offseason loss of Head Coach Chip Kelly doesn’t seem to be a factor in the media’s outlook of the Oregon Duck’s season.  In a recent poll, the media chose the Ducks as Pac-12 Title favorites, even over the defending champions, the Stanford Cardinal.

The Ducks just barely edged out the Cardinal in a recent media poll by just three first place votes.  But the biggest question still looms:  How will the Ducks perform without their resurgent Coach Chip Kelly?

New Head Coach Mark Helfrich Leads Pac-12 Title Favorites

Luckily for Oregon, Chip Kelly’s successor -Mark Helfrich – plans to keep much of the Duck’s high-powered offense in tact.  Because of his time as offensive coordinator under Kelly, the only thing to look noticeably different this season are the Duck’s uniforms, but that is expected.

When speaking on the subject, Coach Helfrich had this to say:

“We’re going to talk the same, work the same, practice the same. We’re going to tweak the margins. … Those changes are going to happen, and we’ll adjust accordingly, but we have a bunch of great guys that believe in what we do, and that’s the most important part.”

If you are a fan of the Ducks, you must feel good about being dubbed “Title favorites”.  The media has correctly predicted the conference champions 11 out of the last 13 years.  That is a good track record.

There is about a month to go until the college football season kicks off.  Check out the Oregon Ducks’ schedule here.  And be sure to have a look at this short interview with Coach Helfrich and how he has hopes to score more points than before.


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