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#SportJC Hosts Sports Job Twitter Chat

SportJC-150x150Twitter chats are a huge way to gain followers, meet fellow users with similar interests and most importantly GET INVOLVED. The guys over at Sport Job Chat do a bi-monthly twitter chat with questions directed towards working in the sports industry.

If you’re looking to get involved or meeting business professionals who can help you land your next SPORTS JOB, you need to start paying attention and following along.

Every first and third Mondays of the month, they hold theses chats with the hasthtag #SportJC from 8-9 EST. You can get involved by tweeting with #SportJC and answering questions posted by @SportJobChat

Here are some tweets from last night:





Comment below if you attended or plan on attending another Twitter chat. You can follow us @SportsNetworker

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16 Responses to #SportJC Hosts Sports Job Twitter Chat

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