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Newspapers Remain Top Sports News Source for Men

Screen Shot 2013-03-10 at 11.23.39 PMIn the day and age of Twitter, online blogs and websites, and cable TV, one traditional news source is remaining steady, and it might surprise you what it is. For male sports fans, newspapers still remain as the go-to news source. 

In a recent poll, male sports fans ages 18-54, 76% said the sports section of their local newspaper’s website was their top source for sports news, while 69% cited the printed edition as their top source. In other sources for sports news, 66% cited, 45% cited news league sites (such as and and 45% cited ESPN’s SportsCenter.

The poll was conducted by M/A/R/C for the Newspaper National Network. 716 men ages 18-54 participated in the poll, while in-depth interviews were conducted with 404 of the participants. In perhaps the most interesting statistic from the survey, those who didn’t classify themselves as newspaper readers still cited the web sites of newspapers as their top source for sports news.

This poll shows that journalism is not a dying field as many have said in the past, but rather a changing field. While sports fans might not be subscribing to newspapers and flipping between the pages with their fingers, they are still visiting the websites of those newspapers in order to receive their sports news for the day. In the poll, 79% of readers said reading newspaper’s sports coverage is an important part of their regular routine, proving that newspapers still serve an important purpose in this digital age.

Photo: NYTimes

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