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Why Radical Love for Your Profession Will Help You Break Into Sports

Do you love sports? Of course you do. But who cares? Employers in the sports business industry sure don’t.

What sports employers really care about is how much love you have for your profession.

Imagine Your Love Coming to Life

Imagine if you were so crazy in love with sports marketing that you consumed everything you could get your hands on about the subject. And as a result, you created a killer resource like Partnership Activation 2.0, an email newsletter published by Brian Gainor (@BrianGainor).
Or, what if you loved the sports agent profession so much you devoured every morsel of agent content you could find. And as a result, you created a blog about athlete representation similar to what Darren Heitner (@DarrenHeitner) has done with

Become More Attractive

Just think how attractive you’d be to your targeted employers if you expressed your love like the two examples above! Anyone can say they want to be a “Sports Marketer,” or a “Sports Agent.” But few actually do anything about it. It’s no accident that both Gainor and Heitner are highly successful sports executives and winners of the inaugural SPORTS LAUNCH Thirty Under 30 Awards™. They both so passionate about their professions they need an outlet to express it. What’s stopping you from doing the same thing?

Strive for Greatness

If you want to work in the hyper-competitive world of sports, you’re going to need an edge. Tapping into the radical love you have for your profession is one way to gain a competitive advantage. It can manifest itself in more ways than just a blog or email newsletter. You can organize an event, or invite speakers to talk to your group, or even volunteer your time or talent. When you become totally consumed with your profession and fill your mind with best practices and new ideas — to the point of near obsession — you’re headed for greatness.
Employers want great.

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