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Overtime Post – Networking on the Road

It is the third week of the Overtime Post, and both Lewis and I are on the road this week. Ironically, he went from the east coast to the west, and I’m going from the west to the east. Twitter is great, but nothing beats real hi-fives, fist pumps, and sharing stories in person. If you’re in New York for the week, I’d love to meet you, just shoot me a mail, and don’t get left behind in the offline networking shift!

I took Virgin America for the first time and they have this neat feature of being able to chat with other passengers on the plane according to seat number. Much props to them for trying to make the flight experience more social. It could be a cool tool for networking in the future. I’m literally writing this on a plane so I’m going to keep it short.

This week’s posts:


Top 4 Ways to Utilize Social Media to Grow Your Fan Base

Ash tops off a great series with a wrap up post to growing your fan base through social media. I don’t usually do this, but I bookmarked it for the future.You should do the same. They are simple tips, yet we can often get caught in the midst of all the glamour of the latest social network or cool new features. These steps are the core.

Read the full post.


The Minnesota Vikings PR Soap Opera

Say what you will about Brett Favre and the Vikings but they keep things interesting. And we all thought they were just going to play football and win a super bowl this year.

Read the full post.


Interview with Retired NFL Player Levar Fisher on Business and Family

Levar seems like a great guy and this interview provided a deep look at how to balance life and travel. It’s a must read for anybody who travels and works, and still wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle at home (which, I imagine to be a lot of you).

Read the full post.


Incorporating Social Media into Televised Sports

I am definitely one of those junkies that gets over excited on Twitter during sports games. Just a heads up in April, May, and June for those kind people that follow me (Hint, playoffs).

Read the full post.

Friday Bonus:

Interview with Boston Celtics’ Peter Stringer on Social Media

Shaq and Nate Robinson’s contributions on social media have been a real pleasant treat for Boston Celtics fans. And here’s an unpleasant trick from them.

Read the full post.

The Links:

Kevin Love Records First 30-30 Game since the ’80s

It really makes you wonder if Kevin Love needs to work on his networking skills or send his coach a promotional dvd of his game, because he’s averaging less than 30 minutes a game.

NHL All Star Game to Include Schoolyard Fantasy Draft

I’ve been saying for years that All Star games are a snore. It’s just not entertaining and fans in recent years have made a mockery of the silly voting system. While this is not such a big deal, I love that Brendan Shanahan is injecting creativity back into the game. Now if only he could get accountable reffing going…

Facebook Set to Enter into Email

What does this mean? It means that Facebook is changing everything again. But no, really, it’s something to keep in mind, especially those who work in engagement for their respective teams.


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